Backyard Fence Buying Guide

Purchasing a backyard fence this year? How do you know you are getting a square deal?  How much does it COST? What materials, vinyl aluminum wood are being used. What are the differences of each materials…is all cedar a western red cedar, is all vinyl protected from sun’s UV rays, is aluminum fence all the same…or are you getting overseas aluminum with fillers and lead base paint? What are popular fence scams to take my money? How do I find a great fence contractor? Do I want to install it myself? What fence do I need for my dog? Do I need a fence for my swimming pool? How TALL, what picket spacing?  What fence is right for me? How much should I be paying for my fence? How long will it last? Do I need a lifetime fence if I’m living here for only 3 years? What is my budget? And finally, DO YOU REALLY NEED A FENCE?   Consumer Guide Backyard Fencing