Chattanooga Vinyl Fencing Solutions

Chattanooga Vinyl Fencing Solutions

ORNL vinyl picket fence

Hello Chattanooga!  Are you looking for a maintenance free fencing option in vinyl? You’ve come to the right place! We built this site just for you!

Our Goal: To Empower You Through Education! Knowledge is Power!

…and if you live in our area, hopefully earn your business. This site contains a ton of articles, facts, charts, and  videos about RESIDENTIAL CHATTANOOGA VINYL FENCING SOLUTIONS. Notice RESIDENTIAL FENCING! That’s right, we specialize in vinyl and aluminum residential fencing. So if you are looking for commercial work, that is not us.  BUT, if you are looking for residential fencing information, vinyl pricing, aluminum pricing, how to find a quality fencing contractor…then you’re in the right place. Check out our FENCE BLOG as we will be updating weekly as well as our FENCE SCHOOL 101. Check out the FREE eBOOK on the left, detailing information on fence scams the fencing companies don’t want you to know about, the cost of vinyl fencing, fence materials, and more for Chattanooga vinyl fencing solutions.



Chattanooga Vinyl Fencing SolutionsA great question.  Why buy a vinyl fence anywhere else?  WE ARE THE FACTORY!!!! You see when you purchase vinyl fencing from BRYANT FENCE COMPANY, we don’t order it from a wholesaler who orders it from a fabricator…we actually build it in our plant in POWELL, TENNESSEE.  We make your premium vinyl fencing to order for you. We make your premium vinyl gates in our gate shop.  

Who builds the BEST PREMIUM VINYL GATES?  BRYANT FENCE BUILDS THE BEST VINYL GATES.  How do we know that? Our installed PREMIUM VINYL GATES carry an unheard of warranty in the fencing industry of… FIVE YEARS LABOR WARRANTY, plus a manufacturers lifetime vinyl gate hardware warranty and manufacturers lifetime vinyl extrusion warranty. 


Are our gates any good? No, OUR GATES ARE GREAT!

Have you ever had problems with gates not closing, gates sagging, gates staying open, gates that won’t open?  Gates are the only moving parts of a fence structure, and gates typically take the most wear and tear of the entire fence structure.  Bryant Fence Company premium vinyl fence gates are built tough! So tough WE WARRANT THE LABOR ON OUR PREMIUM VINYL GATES FOR A FULL FIVE YEARS FROM DATE OF COMPLETION.


How We Warrant Our Premium Vinyl Gates for a FULL 5 Years

Chattanooga Vinyl Fencing Solutions

Premium Vinyl Fencing Solutions Colors

We use the GOOD STUFF!  You know, the best materials, quality installation. Our gates are installed by our professional skilled craftsmen crews!  COMMERCIAL FENCING? NOT US…WE BUILD EXCLUSIVELY RESIDENTIAL.  Does your fence company specialize in residential vinyl fencing…or do they sort of do it all, jack of all trades?

When talking fencing materials, pricing, installation…we know residential.

We reinforce the hinge AND latch posts with heavy duty aluminum I beam extrusions for incredible strength and durability.  Does your vinyl fence company still build clunky gates designed 10 years ago? Our gate frames are built using the best heavy gauge vinyl extrusions for a clean tight fit, rails fit inside each other with custom routed holes in our fabrication shop using the state of the art CNC computerized vinyl router. Thick V-channel bracing is used for diagonal bracing to create a specifically tight clean gate panel.  What if we need to build your gate on a slope? No problem for our vinyl fabrication shop! Chattanooga vinyl fencing solutions, we build your vinyl gates to consistently close and latch over the long haul.





CHATTANOOGA Vinyl Fencing Solutions – Premium Vinyl Fencing

Chattanooga Vinyl Fencing Solutions

TiO2 – Titanium Oxide Vinyl fence turning YELLOW? Not with this Titanium Oxide thermally bonded into the vinyl extrusions. Same chemical Banana Boat uses in sunscreen…check it out on the back label!

Yes IT’s TRUE! We only use Premium Vinyl Extrusions for our Chattanooga vinyl fencing solutions. Where do we get the vinyl extrusions from?  Directly from the vinyl extrusion plant by the truckload.  With our computerized CNC routing machine, we consistently and specifically and precisely and systematically cut, route, centering holes for premium vinyl fencing. That’s great, but what does it mean for the customer?  All of our vinyl fence posts and vinyl rails are CENTER CUT so the picket will precisely fit in the center of the rail and the rails fit precisely in the center of the posts.  You have heard the question, “Who gets the pretty side of the fence?” With Bryant Fence Company center cut technology, EVERYONE GETS THE PRETTY SIDE OF THE FENCE!

Why settle for fence companies that order job lots and hope they get your premium vinyl fence right?  Bryant Fence Company makes your fence in our factory for a precise consistent quality job. Our sale men have 15 years of experience sales and installation of premium vinyl fencing. These vinyl fencing solutions will follow the contour of the ground for a secure fit, no stair stepping needed here.

What about special and unique situations to complete the security of your project?  With 15 years experience fabrication and installation we have seen and built hundreds of residential projects.  We probably have already seen the issues you are facing and have your solution. We have seen it all, yet still learning, if you have a unique problem with premium vinyl fencing give us a call for a free consultation and maybe we’ll have the vinyl fencing solution for you!


Chattanooga Vinyl Fencing Solutions – Post Stiffeners

Settling for a fence company that only uses stiffeners on the gates?  We use galvanized schedule 40 industrial post stiffeners on all of the  lines, ends, and corner posts…on every post except the gate posts. Newer technology allows for us to install your premium vinyl fencing faster, stronger, and with less environmental impact on your yard. Does it cost more? Sure it does…and we are competitive with the guys who don’t add the galvanized post stiffeners.  After the video, check the next section for pricing Chattanooga Vinyl Fencing Solutions.

[youtube id=”Hf3-tKyp8Cg” width=”100%” height=”350″]


Chattanooga Vinyl Fencing Solutions Cost and Pricing

Less than you might think! We are the factory so you are cutting out the middle man in this equation. We buy in bulk for reduced materials cost.  We have been fabricating and installing these vinyl fencing solutions for over 15 years on all types of terrain. With all of this experience and knowledge we can help you on your project.

Chattanooga Vinyl Fencing Solutions costs page for vinyl privacy and vinyl picket fencing costs and solutions.

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