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Natural Wood Fencing Knoxville Tennessee

Charleston Natural Wood Picket Fence Maryville Tn

Cedar fencing and termites

Is this your “cedar fence” guaranteed to last for generations?


Thin Cedar Cypress Fencing

Contractor cutting corners in Knoxville by using 3/8″ pickets not 3/4″ inch and backing rails 1″ thick not 1-1/2″ thick. Weaker fencing materials at a Premium Price!

Charleston Natural Wood Shadowbox Fencing , Maryville TN

Natural Wood Fence Contractor Checklist

HEY KNOXVILLE, MARYVILLE and all of East Tennessee.

So, you have decided to purchase a backyard fence! That’s GREAT! Now you need to contact your local fence companies and get a few estimates. 

What questions should you ask? Are you missing some of the important questions? No problem…we have a downloadable checklist to ask your 3 contractor some TOUGH QUESTIONS.  Just click the RED BUTTON BELOW, download, printout and check off their responses to your questions. 

FREE Checklist Bryant Fence Company

 If the fence contractors do not want to answer these questions, or feel you don’t trust them, GREAT! Don’t trust them…ASK THEM! And BE SPECIFIC!

Natural Wood Fence Contractor Checklist puts you in control. It’s your backyard, make sure you choose a great contractor who will treat you right! Get the details of what is covered, and more importantly what is not covered during construction and warranty.

 Concrete Footers? All Posts? Real 100% Concrete? Is there a shortcut?
Lumber meets industry standards? Are they cutting corners on YOUR FENCE?
Replacement parts easily available from other sources? 
What grade lumber: what lumber posts, backing rails, pickets
What nails used, how many, are they specific to the fence lumber you are using?
HOA’s who files, who follows up
Property surveys, property pins, where are they, do I need to pay for a surveyor?
References for fencing projects like your fence style
COST for the fence firm fixed by actual footage? OR contract only?
Timetable to installation
Company insurance proof of  current coverage, who is responsible if accident?
How to pay:  how much down?  cash,  check, credit cards,  3rd party financing
Do I get to look it over in the daylight before making final payment? Really it happens!
How do they rate: third parties GOOGLE PLUS | BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU | ANGIES LIST
Can you view actual fences from their web site, on your own picked at random?

Natural Wood Fencing Free Quote Bryant Fence Company

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