FENCE SCAMS WORKING IN NEIGHBORHOOD #3Bryant Fence A+ Rating Better Business Bureau


RED-FLAG-WARNING-SMALL FENCE SCAMS – WE ARE WORKING IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD AND HAVE ENOUGH LEFTOVER MATERIALS TO MAKE YOU A GREAT DEAL! This scam usually targets senior citizens, but will catch trusting homeowners of all groups. Salesman walking through the neighborhood knocking on doors looking for work. He offers you a great deal, because … but you need to sign up today, right now!

About 15 years ago we actually helped out a homeowner who was scammed by a shyster using a variation of our company name with the intention of scamming some easy money from a homeowner. A very upset homeowner came down the street where we were finishing up a fence. She had seen our work all over town and specifically in her subdivision. When the salesman came by her house 3 weeks ago she signed right up for a fence. She claimed that we started her job 2 weeks prior and then left, not to be seen since. She had paid a CASH DEPOSIT, and also had to PAY MORE CASH FOR MATERIALS. Furthermore, she was upset because she thought we should have finished her job since we were on this job for only 2 days and wrapping up! Why would we not return her phone calls and finish her fence?!




After calming her down, we went back up the street to her house to inspect the project and inspect her signed paperwork and contract. She signed a QUOTE SHEET TURNED INTO A CONTRACT by a CON MAN using a “knock off name” so similar to our name, that she thought she was getting us! We don’t usually clean up other contractors messes, but under the circumstances she thought she was getting us, so we broke scheduling and helped the homeowner get her fencing project completed. She learned an expensive lesson.

Do Not Deal With a Contractor Who CONTACTS YOU!

Make sure you are the one initiating contact…and then check out the contractor you are planning to use.  Use a third party references like GOOGLE or BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU to see how they rate. Check out their work, check out their references. Do your homework.