Fence Warranty Information

David Bryant President Bryant Fence CompanyHello, I am David Bryant, President of Bryant Fence Company and here to explain to you about the fence warranty information. Who warranty’s what, who is responsible, and who is not responsible.

Now I am a little old fashioned in that I think a company should stand behind it’s products. That being said, if we find a product that is a poor performer and cannot make the cut, then we just don’t use that product.  Some companies out there are so intent on installing fencing, they will saddle you with product they know isn’t going to last more than 5 years. Now that’s not right!  It’s not illegal, immoral I think, but not illegal.

Check out the warranty descriptions below and learn for yourself what is covered before you purchase your fence.

Fence Warranty Information

What is the fence warranty for my specific fence? This is an often neglected part of the conversation when purchasing a fence so I have written an article for the warranty of each fence materials and also gate hardware. Fence warranty is normally broken down into two categories, 1) manufacturers warranty, and 2) the contractor/installation company warranty.

Manufacturers warranty will warranty their products according to their specific warranty detail sheets. You will always want to document the product, date installed, manufacturers products used and certificate if any issued by contractor on behalf of the manufacturer. So the manufacturer is responsible for the quality of the product according to it’s specific warranty.

Contractors warranty  normally responsible for the installation of the fencing and warranty their work, not the manufactured product.  Installation is generally for 12 months beginning at completion of the fencing project. Tennessee state law requires contractors to be licensed, carry workers compensation and liability insurance and warranty their work for 12 months. Many contractors will extend that labor warranty up to 2 years or more.

red_flagContractors agreeing to WARRANTY ANYTHING YOU ASK is a RED FLAG!



Legitimate contractors will tell you NO, IT’s NOT COVERED FOR THAT when you ask for something outside the warranty coverage. You should respect the contractor for his honesty, and he will probably be there for you if you do have an issue that is covered under warranty.

Fence Warranty Information – Gate Hardware for Vinyl and Aluminum Gates

Fence Warranty Information Bryant Fence Company Knoxville Tennessee

Maryville Tn English Gardens aluminum fence Forest Hills, lifetime aluminum fence warranty and 2 YEAR aluminum gate warranty!

Limited lifetime residential use manufacturers warranty on Nationwide Industries gate hardware, Aqua-Latch, Keystone latch, black stainless steel hinges, black stainless steel drop rods





Fence Warranty Information – Aluminum Fence Warranty

Limited lifetime manufacturers warranty on Hudson Aluminum fencing,  2 years warranty on Hudson production model gates

Limited lifetime manufacturers warranty on Spec – Rail Aluminum fencing

Limited lifetime manufacturers warranty on Jerith – Del Gard  Aluminum fencing

Limited lifetime manufacturers warranty on Elite Aluminum fencing

Limited lifetime manufacturers warranty on Alumi- Guard Aluminum fencing



Fence Warranty Information Bryant Fence Company Knoxville Tennessee

Classic Vinyl Privacy Fence Trinity Hills Senior Care

Fence Warranty Information – Premium Vinyl Fence Warranty

Lifetime limited manufacturers warranty on premium vinyl fencing Homeland Vinyl Extrusions. Ever see vinyl outside in the sun and it turns yellow after a few months? White vinyl paint buckets will crack in the hot sun, cheap vinyl outdoor furniture will crack and split after a few months in the sun. What gives?  TI02 Titanium Oxide is the secret ingredient that protects HOMELAND VINYL FENCE EXTRUSIONS from the suns harmful UV rays.  Just like you, the sun will damage unprotected vinyl fencing just as you will sunburn without the proper sunscreen.

How does the TI02  work? Well, I don’t know how it works, I passed chemistry in high school but with a very low C.  I have seen it manufactured as part of the co-extrusion process. It’s like an outside sunscreen bonding the TI02 Vinyl with the base vinyl under correct pressure and temperature to create a single piece of vinyl extrusion that is warranted not to turn YELLOW! Strong, flexible, and resilient- lifetime premium vinyl fencing.


Fence Warranty Information – Natural Wood Fence Warranty

Fence Warranty Information Bryant Fence Company Knoxville Tennessee

Maryville Knoxville Tn – Is this your backyard fence? Cedar & Cypress riddled with termites, this lumber was not treated for termites and installed in the TERMITE BELT 🙁

Natural wood has NO WARRANTY! As a natural product you would have to see mother nature to provide such a warranty.  There are natural characteristic of all wood species which are warpage, waining, splitting, and grain raising.  These characteristics are to be expected.

TERMITE WARRANTY! the only warranty for natural wood concerning termites is a 10 year manufacturers warranty from the chemical manufacturer of the insecticide treatment in the lumber.  The insecticide warranty covers STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY OF THE LUMBER FOR THE PURPOSE INTENDED.  This means that termites can eat into the wood posts, but before any structural damage is done the insecticide will kill the pests.

The post on the right is a DIRECT MILL OUTLET CEDAR POST, less than 5 years installed and riddled with termites. Is this a warranty issue?  NO! Why NOT! Because the fence contractor is responsible for the installation only (for 12 months) and not for the quick deterioration of the cedar fencing materials. Verbal warranty information does not hold up in court. If you can get it written on your contract…BRAVO! Now try to enforce thatAre you using a lumber that is “naturally resistant” and not artificially treated for termites? Take up the warranty claims with mother nature. There is no company (manufacturer ) to warranty this lumber.


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Good Luck and Good Fencing.

David Bryant