Fencing on the Links! The Top 5 Fences

Fencing on the links

Fencing on the links

Here is a popular question that I have been gettting recently, so I thought it would make for a great blog article…what are the TOP 5 FENCES FOR HOMES ON THE LINKS!

Great question, first let’s talk about your objectives for fencing on the links. Is it to keep in pets, secure property and allow for a beautiful view of the course, easy repair…golf balls, no maintenance and oh yes be aesthetically pleasing!  When you think about it, your specific objectives should also include these points.

All of these most popular link fences have these features in common. They are no maintenance fences, meaning they require no sanding, priming or painting.  They are impervious to insects, termites, carpenter bees, etc.  They are easily repairable, from hooks and shanks…that happens to me! So they are component built meaning that only the damaged parts need to be replaced.

These Top 5 Links Fences all secure the property, with picket spacing available for large to small pets. Finally, all of these Top 5 Links Fences provide an open view of the beautiful links surrounding your home, after all that isn’t that why you live on the links.

Golf course fencing does not have to be any different from any other fence, but if your priorities are to golf, enjoy the lake, hike the mountains and stay active then that will narrow the choices down for you. If on the other hand you enjoy spending summers staining and repairing old wood fencing then you will have another group of options. As for myself, I prefer to be just about anywhere else than to spend the summer working on the backyard fence.


What Are The Key Factors

Aesthetically Pleasing Fencing

Meets HOA Guidelines for Fencing

Maintenance Free Type Fencing Products

Secure the Property

Meet the Needs and Objectives of Homeowner


#1  Fencing on the Links – Traditional English Vinyl Picket Fence  

Vinyl Picket Fence Cost

Traditional English White Picket Fence Vinyl

 Yes the most popular fence for backyards on the links is the little white vinyl picket fence, also known as the Traditional English vinyl picket fence. This gorgeous fence is maintenance free, impervious to the carpenter bees and also the worker termites that do so much damage in the southern states. All component parts, this fence can easily be repaired from stray balls by simply replacing the picket, rail, or post…not the entire section. Requires no painting, has no splinters and comes in three beautiful colors…white, tan, and adobe.

#2 Fencing on the Links – Black Traditional English Aluminum Fence

Traditional English Aluminum Fence, Knoxville Tennessee

Traditional English Aluminum Fence

This is our most popular aluminum fence of all time! The Traditional English Aluminum Fencing features manufacturers lifetime paint warranty!  Aluminum cannot rust, so you will not waste any time sanding or painting a fence.


Your Backyard Fencing Solutions

What are you looking for in your backyard fencing? How much does it cost? How do you find a quality contractor? What about restrictions…subdivision HOA’s? Property lines and surveys? It’s all in here in your free online copy of CONSUMERS GUIDE TO BACKYARD FENCING.

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#3 Fencing on the Links – Charleston Vinyl Picket Fence


Charleston Vinyl Pool Picket Fence

Charleston Vinyl Pool Picket Fence

Reminding me of the decorative fencing styles of the South Carolina destination!  Charleston Vinyl Picket Fencing is a beautiful spaced picket fence with a radius arch in the center of the fencing section. Choices of finial caps of sharp finials or dog ear finials, and choice of post caps to complement your home decor.

#4  Fencing on the Links –  English Gardens Vinyl Picket Fence

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English Gardens vinyl picket fence with a twist, vinyl pickets have alternating heights for a charming garden fence.

#5  Fencing on the Links -Black American Classic Aluminum Fence

American Classic Aluminum Fencing Knoxville, Maryville, MorristownA great choice for children, pets, security and an open view. American Classic Aluminum Fencing is maintenance free, with multiple picket spacing options.

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So there you have the Top 5! The most popular fencing options for the links.  These maintenance free picket fences are perfect for the links, after all who wants to be painting while you could be on the back nine? Four feet or less in height with open spacing between the pickets for greater visibility for your view.