When you get ready to drop some serious dough on a backyard fence you want to make the right decisions.  By becoming an EDUCATED CONSUMER you will know the differences in fencing, what's right for you, how much it costs, what it's worth, how long it will last, and what to expect on installation, who cleans up what. In the process, we hope to earn your trust and your business if you live in the 130 mile service area of Knoxville, Tn. Outside our service area? All of our resources are FREE to YOU helping you make the best choices.


Maryville Tn Vinyl fence 5 star checklistWANT A GREAT DEAL? ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS!  Not just a great price, but great fencing to go along with it, and clean up after the installation. Fasteners, concrete, materials grade thickness, gates, gate hardware. Use this FREE download WOOD FENCE CONTRACTOR CHECKLIST to compare contractors and ask ALL of them the really tough questions.


BRYANT's Backyard Fence Buying GuideFREE FENCE BUYING GUIDE!

YES! IT'S REALLY FREE!  Bryant's Fence Buying Guide will help you in purchasing your new backyard fence project and possibly saving you hundreds at the same time! This FREE EBOOK discusses the right fence for you, materials pros and cons, backyard fence pricing and lots more!



Consumer Guide to Aluminum FencingCONSUMER GUIDE to ALUMINUM FENCING!

This consumer guide covers everything you want to know about aluminum backyard fencing! Comparison of Top Manufacturers Warranty, product fences and gates, styles, sizes, colors, costs.Comparison Screwless vs Screw system for aluminum fencing, aluminum fence installations, installation on a retaining wall.

So before you purchase an Aluminum backyard fence this year read this guide. It also include a Contractors Checklist…34 Tough questions to ask your fence contractors when getting quotes.




So, your are thinking of purchasing a backyard fence. You think the property line is about here, where do you put the fence?  Check out this link to FREE TENNESSEE PROPERTY SURVEY MAPS FOR TENNESSEE.  These are broken down as to the 4 major counties that have their own online site KNOX COUNTY, HAMILTON COUNTY, DAVIDSON COUNTY, SHELBY COUNTY,  and then for the rest of TENNESSEE.



DON'T BE A VICTIM!  Check out this FREE REPORT of active fence company scams going on right now!  As recently as January 2014  an Athens Tn fence company took homeowners in several East Tennessee counties for large sums of money. Check out Don Dare video on this fencing contractor!