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Aluminum Fence and Arch Gate with Imperial Quad Finials

After researching new trends in residential fencing across the nation thru fence industry trade journals and discussions with other fencing contractors at several fencing conventions, I came to the same conclusions of what our customers wanted in fencing benefits MAINTENANCE FREE FENCING. Of course the other objectives are always there and stay about the same. The objectives of  privacy, security, boundary definition, children, pets, pool safety, and aesthetics are always important. The main fence benefit desired by consumers after all these discussions and research remains the same: Freedom from Fence Maintenance!  Then homeowners want a long life to the fence, and a definitely pleasing look for today and in the future.


Maintenance Free Fencing – No Maintenance

We have all heard the moans of staining an entire fence inside and out! Lots of work, lots of time and lots of money. Actually the cost of a well maintained wood fence will double the initial investment cost within a 10 year period! With technological advances in vinyl extrusion manufacturing and for aluminum fence powder coating,  fence maintenance is becoming a thing of the past. With these newer types of products you can enjoy your weekends and summer free of the fence maintenance nightmare.


Maintenance Free Fencing – Longevity

maintenance free fencing

Classic Closed Top Vinyl Picket Fence

It’s safe to say that when you spend a few thousand dollars for installed backyard fencing, that you will want it to last a long time without giving you headaches down the road. Unlike wrought iron fences that rust out and are unsightly after a few years, maintenance free aluminum fencing is manufactured to last a lifetime.

Well maintained natural wood fencing SHOULD last 15+ years, but its a natural product and on natural products there are no lifetime warranties, and then that’s assuming you’ve spent the time and money to keep it up. Premium vinyl fencing is a no maintenance product with a lifetime warranty, so you only have to buy it one time!


Maintenance Free Fencing – Aesthetics

maintenance free fencing

Classic Vinyl Privacy Pool Fence

Checking out the large black metal fencing at schools, businesses, and sporting stadiums, and zoos and you will find many are aluminum fencing! Why is there such a change over from wrought iron to aluminum?  Maintenance Free Fencing!!!

The biggest knock on vinyl fencing originally was that they looked cheap. YES IT’s TRUE! Earlier models did look and feel cheap. The glued panels and bracket models from the box stores enforced the cheap low end image. With advancements in vinyl technology and our fabrication CNC routing shop, we can create designs out of vinyl to rival most wood fences.

Maintenance free aluminum fences have now well surpassed the old wrought iron fences in popularity!  Aluminum fences closely matching the look of wrought iron. Aluminum fencing doesn’t require the intensive maintenance of wrought iron. Aluminum fencing also has a lifetime warranty!

Just today I was talking with a previous customer about his aluminum pool fence. Designed to match the ornamental wrought iron fence in the front of the subdivision.  After only 4 years the beautiful wrought iron fence has become an eyesore, rusting ugly fence.  His similar design aluminum fence will require ABSOLUTELY NO MAINTENANCE, and the design style copies the wrought iron fence closely!

Aesthetics is no longer a concern with these beautiful lifetime maintenance free fences. If you are interested in learning more about aluminum or vinyl fencing, check out our Free Fence Buying Guide now!

 Maintenance Free Fencing – Pricing and Costs

Everyone wants to know #1 How much does it cost? and #2 Am I getting a good deal? Click on the links here to jump to the pricing pages for costs on your favorite fence styles.  MAINTENANCE FREE FENCING ALUMINUM will vary in height and picket spacing. MAINTENANCE FREE FENCING VINYL fencing is fabricated in our shop in Powell, Tennessee. To find out if you are getting a good deal check out this link FINDING A QUALITY FENCE CONTRACTOR!



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