Top 5 POOL FENCES for 2013

Enjoying the sunshine and ready for a swimming pool?  One of the often overlooked expenses in consideration of a beautiful new swimming pool is the security and aesthetics of the pool fencing. Here are the TOP 5 POOL FENCES for 2013 and descriptions.

After being in fencing construction for over 32 years now, I have compiled a list of our TOP 5 POOL FENCES for 2013, and these fences look like they will retain that position for 2014. These TOP 5 POOL FENCES all feature an excellent 65% ROI (return on investment) for a 10 year period and feature no maintenance and a lifetime warranty. Now don’t get me wrong, this is a list of our most popular pool fencing styles for 2013, but there are a lot of other great styles to chose from on the website. TOP 5 POOL FENCES for 2013 Pricing and Costs

Top 5 Pool Fences for 2013 Pricing and Costs

These are the TOP 5 POOL FENCES and the Pricing and Costs for them broken down under each description of the fence style. Since there are multiple options available with each style I will give you a range low to high, and a second range of costs for the most popular options on the same fence style.


TOP 5 POOL FENCES – What Makes a Difference in a Regular Fence and a Pool Fence?



So before we start…what makes a pool fence different from a regular fence? Great question! Pool fence can be about any style of fence out there but will have safety and security issues addressed to keep small children from accessing the pool area. A national board for building codes and specifically pool codes is BOCA residential building codes authority. Instead of reinventing the wheel, most communities will adopt the BOCA code for the codes since it is nationally recognized. Your community may  place stronger codes requirements on top of the BOCA codes so always check with your local building codes authority for confirmation.

Before making a final decision on your pool fence, it is always a good idea to check in with your homeowners insurance company that will be insuring you for the backyard pool.  Local codes may  require a 48″ high fence but your homeowners insurance may be more stringent requiring 60″ height.  They will be the ones insuring you in case of an accident and if you do not comply with their minimum standard they may choose to eliminate coverage.



#1 Top 5 Pool Fences is Black Aluminum Press Point Pool Fence

Traditional English Aluminum Fence, Knoxville Tennessee

Traditional English Aluminum Fence

TRADITIONAL ENGLISH ALUMINUM FENCING elegant simplicity reminds customers of the super expensive black wrought iron fencing except with none of the maintenance. This black fencing with sleek lines is available in pool code spacing of less than 4” and even closer spacing when required.  Gates can be the same as the fencing or as I like to spice up the fence you can create a point of entry directing traffic to an arched decorative gate!  Secondary gates are recommended for lawn access.   The lifetime warranty, black aluminum pool fence will range in cost from $20 – $35 per foot. The majority of this pool fence cost in the range of $4,200 – $4,900 depending on the options chosen, with the most popular options ranging from $22.00 – $26.00 per foot.


#2 Top 5 Pool Fences is Classic Vinyl Privacy Pool Fence

top 5 pool fence

Classic Vinyl Privacy Pool Fence

The Classic Premium Vinyl Privacy fence features complete privacy with tongue and groove pickets and stout decorative top rail with aluminum reinforced bottom rails.  With the recent increase of storms in 2012 the Classic Vinyl Privacy fencing with reinforced galvanized steel posts has been a tremendous hit!  We start with the steel reinforcement of posts impact driven 3’ -8’ deep depending on the situation 2 years ago and have 100% retention of fence against high winds and storms!  Gates posts feature an aluminum I beam  extrusion for extra strength on BOTH the hinge side and the latch side, with specially designed black stainless steel hinges and high impact fiber glass filled polyextruded  keyed latches.

The lifetime warranty Classic Vinyl White Privacy Pool Fencing will range in cost from $26 – $46 per foot depending on the options and upgrades chosen.

The lifetime warranty Classic Vinyl Tan or Adobe Privacy Pool Fencing will range in cost from $35 -$50 per foot with the average pool fence cost of $5,700 – $6,500 with an industry best – 5 year gate labor warranty.

Check out this link to video on how we power drive post stiffeners for the strongest vinyl fence available!

 [youtube id=”Hf3-tKyp8Cg” width=”560″ height=”315″]

#3 Top 5 Pool Fences is the Black Aluminum Fencing with Smooth Safety Bar Top

Top 5 Pool Fences


Pool Fencing for 2014 is the Classic American Black Aluminum Fencing with Smooth Safety Bar Top. This fence is similar to the first fence except that instead of points protruding thru the top rail it has a smooth “safety rail” on top.  Great for pools with lots of children around, this fence is also no maintenance.  The look of wrought iron without the maintenance, this is our #3 most popular pool fence (and also our #1 most overall popular fence for 2013).  This is a great residential pool fence and features a Magnetic Aqua Latch gate latching system approved all over the country for child safety pool gates.  Hinges are self closing and tension adjustable.

Gates can be the same as the fencing or as I like to spice up the fence you can create a point of entry directing traffic to an arched decorative gate!  Wider secondary gates are recommended for lawn access.   The lifetime warranty black aluminum pool fence will range in cost from $20 – $35 per foot on an average project with the majority of pool fences cost in the range of $4,200 – $4,900 depending on the options chosen.



#4  Top 5 Pool Fences is the  “Open View” AMERICAN CLASSIC Picket Fencing.


Top 5 Pool Fences

Smooth Top Vinyl Picket Fence

Wow! AMERICAN CLASSIC VINYL PICKET POOL CODE FENCING! What a great looking pool fence option for properties with a fantastic view!  Often combined with a Classic Privacy Fence to open a back view of the lake or a mountain view this is a great no maintenance pool fence option.

This Closed Vinyl Picket Fence is similar to the #3 Aluminum Fencing in that it has a Smooth Safety Top Bar.  As with all of our Vinyl and Aluminum Fencing, both sides look the same so there is no bad side.  The posts and rails are center cut for strength and durability providing the same great fence look from both sides. These vinyl gates fabricated at our shop carry a 5 year labor warranty , and the vinyl gate material has the same manufacturers lifetime warranty as the fencing. Gate hardware is also black stainless steel lifetime warranty with a lifetime warranty Aqua-Latch magnetic pool safety latch.

The “OPEN VIEW” Closed Vinyl Picket Pool Fencing will range from $22 – $36 per foot with most pool fencing project ranging $3,600 – $4,400 including gates.


#5 Top 5 Pool Fences for 2013 is the ever popular WHITE VINYL  PICKET FENCE.  

Vinyl Picket Fence CostThis TRADITIONAL ENGLISH VINYL PICKET FENCE is center routed on cnc machines to create a beautiful interlocking fence that looks the same on both sides. Your choice of decorative picket finials and post caps to accent your pool.   The gates are fabricated at our shop and carry a lifetime warranty along with the Aqua-latch and black stainless steel self closing gate hardware. Built to last, this no maintenance fencing is perfect for swimming pools with a view where privacy is not an issue.

The cost of this Vinyl Picket Fence ranges from $24 – $38 per foot with most of the pool fencing project ranges $3,800 – $4,600 including gates.



So there you have it!  This is the TOP 5 POOL FENCES for 2013.  Check out our web site for a complete list of swimming pool fencing and our popular articles …

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