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Vinyl Fence Pricing

Welcome to our web site! We strive to be the most educational backyard fence site on the web.  By becoming a well informed consumer you will be able to make sound decisions for your backyard fencing solutions.  In the process, we hope to earn your trust and possibly your business. On this page you will see where we have broken down the fencing solutions into a 10 year span to show you the TRUE COST of backyard fencing.  Check it out, a real eye opener!


Wood Fence vs. Vinyl Fence: Do They Cost the SAME?


Vinyl Fence Pricing

Classic Tan Vinyl Privacy Fence with lifetime warranty! Galvanized steel reinforcement every post, gates 5 year labor warranty!

Vinyl Fence Pricing

Is this your “KNOCK OFF CEDAR” fence? Braced to hold up this knock off cedar fence is riddled with termites after less than SEVEN YEARS!












OF COURSE NOT! Vinyl Fencing costs much less than wood fencing in less than 5 years!  BOTTOM LINE: how much does it cost now, how much is my yearly cost, and how much is it worth when I sell my home!

That beautiful natural wood fence, if well maintained will need to be stained every two years…from now on! AND the first time treatment requires a double coat! Not just on the inside, inside and outside. Add the cost of a 300′ natural wood fence x 6′ high x 2 (inside and outside) x 2 (first time double coat) and you end up with A LOT OF STAIN!  Actually it works out to about seven thousand two hundred linear feet to stain!

Add that to the cost of the fence and it doesn’t take long to see the advantages of premium lifetime vinyl privacy fence!  Let’s say that instead of you buying the stain, renting the sprayer and spending a few weekends staining the fence, that you PAY SOMEONE ELSE to stain the fence.  Factor in the labor cost along with the cost of the stain…premium vinyl privacy fence looks a lot better!

Did you end up buying a “Knock off Cedar”, sold as cedar for the price of pine?  Yes it’s true that the cedar is naturally resistant to insects (western red cedar that is) but the white cedar, cypress, fir, red cedar, swamp cedars are eaten up in less than 7 years. East Tennessee is in the “TERMITE BELT” as evidenced by the high number of pest control companies treating specifically for TERMITES.



First let’s look at initial costs for a natural wood cedar privacy fence vs a premium vinyl privacy fence.  With so many options available on these fences I have given a range for the cost of the installed fence by a professional company fully insured.

Wood  Cedar Privacy Fence $16-$24 per foot ,  Premium Vinyl Privacy Fence $28 – $36 per foot

Advantage : Wood



Vinyl Fence Pricing

Vinyl vs Cedar 10 year Cost Analysis

Now let’s look at the yearly maintenance costs for these fences. After all, if you have a well maintained home, landscaped and nice lawn then you will want the fence to be attractive and maintained as well!

Do you have to maintain your wood fence?  NO! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAINTAIN YOUR NEW WOOD FENCE!  Neither do you have to cut the grass, change air filters in your home, paint the trim, but without regular maintenance the value of your HOME and your fence will drop!  Imagine this… find an old greyed out wobbly wood cedar privacy fence in your subdivision and picture that fence at your house. Now picture that same old fence cleaned and stained and bad boards replaced. Which fence will have the best curb appeal? Which fence will bring a better resale value?

A natural wood cedar fence looks so nice and fresh when first installed, now give yourself six months and let’s start spending some MORE of your money to keep it looking that way.  We raised 4 children, and with all those mouths to feed I equated savings to pizzas, LOL. So if I did not have to spend $875 and two days of my time to stain a fence that would equal a lot of pizza’s!  How much time and how many pizzas do you want to spend maintaining your knock off cedar fence?

Remember, it’s either your labor and time away from the family or golf or lake… or YOU ARE PAYING someone else to do the work … plus materials.

Figure on staining the cedar fence inside and outside twice the first time. Then again about every two years for touch up with only one coat.  Some cedar fence is naturally resistant to insects, in East Tennessee we live in the TERMITE BELT so check with the pest control company for treating your wood fence.  Termites in the cedar fence can easily transition to your home! Boards should be checked yearly and replaced as needed for damage from rot, termites, carpenter bees, water damage, etc.

Premium Vinyl Fencing requires no maintenance, is warranted against turning yellow (Titanium Oxide), vinyl is non porous and impervious to insects, since it has a lifetime warranty it is considered green fencing (lasts 6 times the life of wood, keeps materials out of landfills, can be recycled, uses less energy when considered only install once).

Advantage: Vinyl Fence



This is the one point that most people miss when considering fencing options for their home… residual value.  What I mean by this is what is that investment worth after 5 years, even 10 years after purchase.  After all the costs of staining, replacement parts, time and money,




When looking at the high cost of maintaining a wood cedar privacy fence you also need to consider the lost time you have in doing your own maintenance, what you could have been doing instead of working on the fence.

I have charted out the costs associated with both of these fences and when considering awell maintained natural wood cedar fence after 10 years the residual value is less than 10%.   Don’t believe me? Go out in the subdivisions and check out 10 year old wood cedar fences. How much do they add to the value of a home?


Assuming an initial cost of $4500 and 10 years of maintenance costs of $3200 with a total cost of ownership $8700 and a fence that probably needs to be torn down and replaced.  Total cost of ownership for 10 years ($4500+$3200= $8700).  So, $8700 less residual of 10% of original fence cost ($4500) is $450 maybe on  a good day for a net cost ($8700-$450= $8250 total 10 year cost of ownership).  This is a yearly cost of about $820 a year!  So that great deal on a wood fence costs you double in ten years with nothing left to show for your investment!

Comparing that to a premium vinyl privacy fence with initial cost of $8500 and zero additional maintenance cost for a net total cost of ownership of $8500, slightly less cost than the well maintained cedar fence.

Now compare the residual value for an eye opening value!  10 year cedar fence value at 10%  (that means time to remove) versus the premium vinyl fence and a whopping 65% residual value or $5525.00

So by taking the original cost of Premium Vinyl Privacy Fencing for 10 years less the residual value ($8500 – $5525 = $2975 ) your cost of ownership for 10 years is actually only $2975 or less than $300 a year! Or less than $25 a month…less than a coke a day.

One last thought to leave you with… what if everything you bought from today on for the next 10 years could return you 65% of original value how much further would your dollar take you?  Looking at the total cost of the cedar vs. vinyl fencing cost per year over 10 years you could actually save ($825-$300=$525) $525 a year.



So there you have it, a premium vinyl privacy fence will actually cost you less money in the long run, has a tremendous residual value, and best of all you do not have to do any painting, sanding or termite treatments.

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