How Much Does Premium Vinyl Picket Fence Cost?

Vinyl Picket Fence Cost


One of the first questions homeowners ask is, How much does a vinyl picket fence cost? Such a popular question makes for a great blog article!  Our purpose here on this web site is to educate you to become a well informed and knowledgeable fence consumer. This will enabling you to make great decisions when it comes to your fencing objectives. The purchase of a fence for your home is like other large ticket items where you need to make well informed decisions. Lots of options are available and pricing will vary according to your choices.


Vinyl Picket Fence Cost – Main Points

When considering backyard fencing, there are three main points to consider:

Aesthetics – How well the fencing will blend in to your home, accent points, and point of entry gates.

Quality – To make sure that the fencing is premium quality materials, well built which will reinforce the next point.

Longevity – or what I like to call Return on Investment. Many people will just look at the initial cost of fencing to make a purchasing decision.
I like to review all the facts, so that I can make what I think are good solid decisions.

A premium vinyl fence that returns 65% of its value after 10years (plus you get to enjoy it) is a better value ($$$) return on investment than an initially less expensive wood fence with 25% return on investment (after yearly staining and maintenance). Also consider the maintenance issues associated with wood fencing, are you going to spend your weekends staining wood fencing every 2 to 3 years?


Vinyl Picket Fence Cost – Styles

We are the vinyl fabrication factory, so I know that the vinyl picket fence cost is relatively the same for the same group of fences.  So when considering a 4′ high Classic Vinyl Picket Fence, Windsor Vinyl Picket Fence, Charleston Vinyl Picket Fence, or an English Gardens Vinyl Picket Fence the pricing of the fencing is the same.  Basically the same amount of vinyl is used for each style, the same concrete and labor is the same.  Now when you choose to jump to a 5′ high fence then the vinyl picket fence cost increases with longer pickets and longer posts.

The purchase of a premium vinyl fence is much like the purchase of a vehicle or a home. With all the options available prices can vary drastically. A full size pickup truck can cost $20k for a basic model and jump to over $40k with all the options.

Why do so many people choose the upgrades? Most people understand getting what they want the first time so they don’t have regrets later on. Like purchasing a new vehicle, customers are looking for aesthetics, quality, and longevity in their purchases. The same ideas apply to premium vinyl fencing. Knowing that you will see your new fencing every day, you want to make sure you get the right fencing with the right options the first time to ensure maximum enjoyment with minimum maintenance.

Unfortunately some people only focus on the initial price of the fence, and choose the “cheapest contractor” often sacrificing maintenance, quality, warranty, and aesthetics which leads to regret, because unlike a vehicle, you can’t trade in a fence even if you are dissatisfied.

Now that you understand the vehicle analogy, we need to decide the broad breakdown for fencing: vinyl picket fence, and vinyl privacy fence. This distinction will help to narrow the cost down even further.


Listed below are some common “add ons” for fencing:

Common height 4′ but can go as high as 8′, Gates width sizing 4′, 5′, 6′, Post size 4″ x 4″ or 5″ x 5″, Post reinforcements steel or aluminum, Gate stiffeners, Post caps Pyramid, Gothic, New England, Nantucket, others, Picket sizes, Picket Finials, Rail Sizes,
Rail Stiffeners, Colors: White, Tan, Adobe, Wicker, Mocha, Black Stainless Steel gate hinges, latches, drop rods, Black Nylon Magnetic and Key Latches, Key Code Latches, HVAC privacy screens, Pool pump screens, Removal and disposal of old existing fencing

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When the question is posed how much our vinyl fencing costs, the installation and level of difficulty of installation will affect the pricing. Drilling into rock and concrete is more expensive than digging post holes in dirt.

Since we are the factory for our vinyl fencing, we have lots of options to help you achieve your fence at your budget. This flexibility allows a more customized fence for you and at a greater savings. Now for some premium vinyl fence installed pricing ranges:



Keep in mind that a turnkey job will run from base product to high end with plenty of options in between.

Vinyl picket fencing will range from about $4300 to $9600 with the majority of our customers in the range of $5600-$6400. Check out some of these images of premium vinyl picket fencing.



The range in the privacy fencing for a turnkey job also varies from Classic to Fincastle and from 5+1 to 7+1 in height. Vinyl privacy fencing will range from about $5,150 to about $11,500 with the majority of our customers in the range of $7,200 to $8,400. Check out some of these images of premium vinyl privacy fencing.

vinyl picket fence cost


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