Vinyl Privacy Fence Installation

(with upgraded steel rods)


Mark the fence line

Mark the locations of the corner posts with stakes and run a string line between the stakes to indicate the fence line.


Drive steel reinforcement posts

Steel posts are pile driven 3′ to 4′ deep into the ground leaving about 4′ to 5′ above ground. These create a strong foundation for each of the fence posts.


Attach black adapters

Black adapter connectors are screwed to the rods across a level line. These connectors are elliptical on the inside so they can be rotated to keep the posts aligned.


Place vinyl posts over steel rods

Premium vinyl posts are then sleeved over top and attached with color matched screws.


Insert rails into posts

Rails are inserted into post slots and secured with color coated stainless steel screws. An I-beam is inserted into each bottom rail for added stability.


Place vinyl pickets

Tongue and groove vinyl pickets are placed into the bottom rail for each section. Once placed, the Nexus rail is attached to the top of the pickets while inserting into the slots near the top each post.


Gate is built and attached

Each gate is custom built to match perfectly with your gate style. Matching hinges and locking latches can be installed directly onto the vinyl.


Add post caps

Post caps are added to the top of each post. Popular vinyl post cap styles include Gothic, New England, and Pyramid Caps.

Finished Vinyl Fence Project

Do you have a Vinyl Fencing project?


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