Wood Privacy fencing – how much does it cost?



The warmth and beauty of real wood fencing! Sounds perfect, but how much does it cost, what styles are available, what should I watch out for?

There are so many options available to choose from I have broken the natural wood fencing down into 2 main divisions of natural wood picket fencing and natural wood privacy fencing. With all the various options available I have given you a range for the installed natural wood picket and natural wood privacy fencing along with a few of the many options available. But first, let’s take a look at choosing your contractor. No matter how beautiful the materials and great the price a bad contractor will ruin a project.

We have been building wood fencing in East Tennessee for over 30 years now and there are only a few things to be aware of.


First be sure to hire a quality fence contractor (article on this). He should have a current business license, work comp and liability insurance, a physical address, been in business for at least 10 years (most do not make it 5 years) and local references.

Buyer Beware of Heavily Advertised Companies, High Pressure Sales Tactics, and must sign contract today. This is normally a large purchase, so take your time to review products and companies and make a good sound investment.



Wood fencing is a beautiful natural product that if installed correctly should last you 15 to 20 years with some annual maintenance required. Wood fencing will need staining inside and outside about every 2 to 3 years to keep a sharp image. The first staining will probably need 2 coats to have a good stain with follow up needing only one application.
Wood fencing is a natural product, that is why you purchase it, and it will need periodic eminence to replace damaged pickets, backing rails and posts. Bryant Fence offers a no cost allowance on new wood fencing projects for free replacement of up to 5 picket boards per 100′ installed for the first 18 months. This allowance covers the picket boards, labor, trucks, and travel time during the initial 18 months from original purchase.
Concrete driveways are guaranteed to crack, wood fencing will warp and twist. All wood fence posts (timbers) are susceptible to checking, (nonstructural linear cracking of the post).

This is also natural and to be expected, as seen on almost every deck and fence built. This checking or cracking in timbers (fence posts) is caused from the timber drying out faster on the exterior surface than inside and causing the effect. This is nonstructural and expected and normal!

If you do not want to deal with the maintenance then you should consider the no maintenance options of
vinyl fencing and aluminum fencing.

Cedar Fence for the Price of Pine! see our article on this CLASSIC HIGH PRESSURE BAIT and SWITCH technique! If you are purchasing cedar for the price of pine you are getting a low end product, a #3 lumber in white or red cedar with lots of knots, or a better grade that is 1/4″ thick ( too thin for fencing).

Real Western Red Cedar is a higher end product and has a high end cost to go with it! Make sure your contract specifically calls for not just any cedar but for the real thing that you are expecting…WESTERN RED CEDAR! for your posts, backing rails and pickets. You also need to spec out your materials, and ask for it in writing on your contract!



For this pricing example we need to define the average fencing project.

We assume that there is no fence to remove and dispose of, no brush in the proposed fence lines to clear, no outbuildings in the line of fence to move, and no brick columns to install. We also assume that the average home fence linear footage is 225′ and the installation of one pedestrian gate and one access panel (truck access) and ALL POSTS are set in quality approved concrete footings.


Average installed pricing for 48″ to 60″ treated wood picket fencing will range from about $2,550.00 to about $,3000.00 depending on the style, height and spacing of the pickets.


Average installed pricing for treated wood privacy style fencing ( including all classic privacy to shadowbox rainbow privacy ) will range from about $3,050.00 to about $5,200.00 depending on the style, height of fence, and spacing of pickets and decorative toppings.

Recommended options include access lawn gates (5′ wide landscaping gates), access panels (removable sections of fencing normally about 10′ wide)