Aluminum Fence Accessories

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Aluminum Fence Accessories


Aluminum Fence Accessories

Aluminum fence accessories can add a special touch to your aluminum fence. Check out these accessories for that special touch.


aluminum fence accessories

Aluminum fence accessories Imperial finial

aluminum fence accessories ball cap

Aluminum Fence Accessories Ball Cap

Imperial Quad Finials

These are beautiful decorative aluminum fence accessories that will accent your fence with an great first impression. The Quad Finial is a secondary piece that attaches to the top of the aluminum picket. With a square base, the four (quad ) wings rise to a point (with a rounded ball on top). This resembles the expensive old wrought iron fencing but without any of the maintenance upkeep.


Ball Post Caps

Decorative aluminum fence accessories Ball Cap Fence Post toppers add an extra touch to set off your aluminum fence. Manufactured to slip on to fence post this ball cap post top requires no painting, no sanding, no maintenance!


Aluminum Fence Accessories – Floor Mounts

aluminum fence accessories

Aluminum Floor Mount

A quick and easy way to attach aluminum fence posts to concrete base is with these floor mounts specifically made for 2″ aluminum posts.  Once posts are cut to height, the floor mount is slipped into place. The floor mount consists of an angled offset bolted to the base.  When tightening the base bolt the floor mount shifts on the angle thus tightening and securing the aluminum post to the floor mount.  Once secure the base flange can then be attached to the concrete with thunder bolts (concrete expansion bolts).





Aluminum Fence Accessories – Wall Mounts and Flexible Mounts

There will be occasions when you will not be able to secure a post in the ground and you will need to mount to a different object, side of house, pool house, to a different post.  In those special cases the wall mount is a great way to fasten your aluminum fence. There are even times when the regular straight wall mounts need to angle. When facing this situation a flex mount or adjustable mount is the answer.

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