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Normally, we begin seeing customers on in home reviews after 11 am and until dark (this allows us time in the mornings to personally visit our construction sites).  We schedule appointments to make it around your schedule, easy and convenient.  So, we don't ask you to leave work for us to visit, we will come to your home after your work hours or on your off days.

We try to allow about an hour for in home visits.  If you know exactly what you want we can usually quote your project in about 10-15 minutes.

However, if you have questions…we have answers! And if we don't know the answer, we will tell you that we don't know, but will try to find out.  We have an extensive network of fence contractors, manufacturers and vendors across the country to ask and find out.

Many homeowners will have an idea for backyard fencing, and will need some advice as to location, heights, gates, accessibility and materials, HOA's, along with a budget. That is where our expertise in building backyard fencing comes in to play. We have seen lots of great layouts, and some not so great.  So, if you need to bounce some ideas for your fence project we are great listeners.

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