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Aluminum Backyard Fencing – How Much Does Aluminum Fence Cost?

Invariably one of the first questions fence shoppers want to know about is : How Much does aluminum backyard fencing cost? I will try to do my best to explain some general pricing guidlines. With all of the various styles, heights, picket spacing, footages, gates, decorative gates the pricing for aluminum backyard fencing will vary greatly so I am going to give you some pricing ranges for our most common Traditional English style of 48″ aluminum backyard fencing. Remember, pricing changes with the amount of aluminum and the difficulty of the installation, so this is a range of our most popular style fence with an average yard and installation.

3 Principle Points of Interest

The purchase of any large ticket item generally has many options available to vary the price of that item. The same is true about aluminum backyard fencing and we want to focus in on three key principle points of interest and educating you to these options, making sure you get the features that you want

Aesthetically pleasing – Aluminum Fencing is a beautiful choice in fencing, with no maintenance that means no sanding, scaping, or painting. Also no warped, twisted fencing, no splinter, no rust.

Quality – Integrity of the American Made (note I said American Made, not just assembled here)Aluminum Fencing is unsurpassed from the aluminum extrusions to the powder coated paint.

Longevity – All of our Aluminum Fencing has a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

These principles apply to most fencing shoppers. They will see their fence every day as they leave home and are coming back up the drive as long as they live in that home.

Maximum enjoyment with minimum maintenance most shoppers go with the fencing that will make them happiest in the long run.

Unfortunately, some people only focus on the initial price of the fencing with the goal of finding the cheapest contractor, sacrificing low-maintenance, quality, quality of installation, warranty, and aesthetics, which inevitable leads to regret, especially when considering “trading out a fence” is a very expensive project.


Aluminum Fence vs Wood Fence Comparison

As you can see in the analysis above, the INITIAL COST of an aluminum fence vs. a natural wood fence is about 40%. Now lets take a look at the whole picture. If you take into consideration the staining (2 coats, inside and outside) during the first year and add that to the initial costs of wood fencing, then Maintenance Free Aluminum Fencing is only 15% more than wood fencing!

Aluminum Backyard Fencing – Pricing

As you can see there are many options available, when you receive a quote from our company, we review each option and educate you on the options benefits/features and identify its overall importance to the success of your project within your projects defined objectives and budget.

When an inquiry is made as to how much our aluminum backyard fencing costs, we need to view the actual job site to assess the level of installation difficulty that project contains (heavily wooded-lots of tree roots, boulders in ground, back filled areas require substantially more foundation support, on extreme grade elevations, extensive core drilling into concrete).

For our purpose here we will use a fairly common footage yard of 230′ of 48″ aluminum backyard fencing with 2 gates and an access panel. For a turnkey job, which includes everything necessary to complete the work: licensed insured contractor, concrete, aluminum fence materials, installed fencing, and clean up

Customers will spend $5600 to $9300 for a turn-key project, with the majority falling into the $6300 to $7200 price range

As you can probably see, the pricing ranges will vary quite a bit, just as they should considering everyone has different personal tastes, objectives, and budgets when it comes to securing down a property.

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