American Classic Aluminum Fence

Do you like the look of BLACK WROUGHT IRON FENCING? Want the look without all of the maintenance of scraping, sanding, priming, and painting? GREAT! You are on the right page! This is our most popular aluminum safety backyard fence. The American Classic Aluminum Fence features the smooth top “safety bar” railing and spacing for pickets less than 4″ (pool code), 3″ spacing, and tightest 1-1/2″ spacing for small pets and lapdogs.

Best of all, you can spend your free time with the family, at the lake, on the links, anywhere but painting this fence! Why? Because the American Classic Aluminum Fencing has a manufacturers LIFETIME paint warranty! Soooo…no painting, sanding, priming. NO RUST…EVER! Aluminum cannot rust! No splinters! No Warping like wood! No rot like wood! This aluminum fencing is IMPERVIOUS TO TERMITES!

American Classic Aluminum Fence – Fencing

How do you see your fencing

American Classic Aluminum Fence Sequoyah Hills

project? When working with most homeowners, we try to choose a style of fencing to complement and not overwhelm the existing structures and landscaping. Taking into account for future projects to come up with a great fencing solution for you. The American Classic Fencing to the right is set in historic Sequoyah Hills subdivision, Knoxville TN inside a wooded lot. The pool is the focal point of the backyard and the Classic Aluminum Fencing complements the pool and landscaping well. Almost invisible from a distance, the Classic Aluminum Fencing still secures the pool area with the Classic Black Metal look.

Best of all there is absolutely NO RUST! Can you recognize this photo of a black wrought iron pool fence section that is rusting? This needs scraping, sanding, priming, painting…every two years. That is why we have a photo of the rusty iron fence, we are replacing it with a maintenance free aluminum fence!

Now imagine having an entire 200′ of wrought iron fence to FIX EVERY TWO YEARS! That’s right, and most people who have black wrought iron installed today just don’t realize the nightmare they are heading into.

American Classic Aluminum Fence – Gates

American Classic Aluminum Fence Arch Point of Entry Gate

American Classic Aluminum Fence Point of Entry Aluminum Fencing Gate

Great selection of gates and gate options with the American Classic Aluminum Gates. The first option is the most fun and my personal favorite…the POINT OF ENTRY gate. This is the main pedestrian gate that enters into the backyard. This is a lot of fun to play with and I like to give this gate a little pizzaz! So by changing up the gate with say an arch you make a definite statement that this is the path for visitors to enter the backyard. Seasonal decorations make the entrance a fun focal point to enter your backyard area. For game days you may consider a football theme with team colors and logos at the sides of the gate with a couple of adirondack chairs. For October you may try some jack o lanterns and hay bales with a stuffed scarecrow. It’s fun and really accents this part of the back yard for a special entrance.

The American Classic Point of Entry gate on the right installation before final topsoil and landscaping is completed. Notice that the fence lines are straight with gaping under the fence. The pool fencing should be level if at all possible and then the final top soil backfill with pavers or sod to finish off the project.

One of our most popular aluminum fence styles. The 4′ high American Classic Aluminum Fence is IN STOCK! and read for installation! We have current inventory of 48″ high smooth bar on top aluminum fencing with less than 4″ spacing between the pickets.

Gates in inventory of 4′ x 4′ rectangle, 4’x 5′ rectangle, and 4′ x 4′ arched point of entry gates.

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