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Bryant Fence Company the Beginnings

Bryant Fence Company was started in 1981 by David Bryant building his first fence for himself and then for relatives and friends. Within one year he had expanded his company to include commercial customers such as pool companies, developers, and home builders.

With a reputation for a SQUARE DEAL, the company began growing and adding more employees and trucks to keep up with the volume.  Purchasing fence material in tractor trailer volume helped to reduce costs which he passed on to his customers. Bryant Fence Company became known for craftsmanship quality work, superior fence material, and staying with a job until completion, clean up after work.

As the business continued to grow the company has moved to different locations in Knoxville, Tennessee until 4-1/2 acres was purchased on busy Clinton Hwy in Powell, Tennessee.

Bryant Fence Company – Fabrication Shops Wood / Vinyl / Aluminum

Yes! We have a full fabrication shop at the vinyl fence factory. Computerized cnc machines to route vinyl, welders and saws to fabricate vinyl and wood into beautiful fencing. We carry a full inventory of vinyl, aluminum, and natural wood products that we can transform into your beautiful backyard fencing.

Bryant Fence

Bryant Fence Company – Installations

We have two primary installation methods for residential fencing, setting posts in a concrete footer, and the newest method of power driving steel posts 3′-4′ deep for vinyl fence installation.


 Most fence companies will auger out the post holes and mix up a batch of “concrete???” out of sand gravel maybe portland.  You can mix up concrete this way if all the ingredients are clean and mixed correctly.  I seriously doubt that many homeowners are getting real concrete on their fence posts. 

We use a REAL CONCRETE premixed in a bag to guarantee the integrity and consistency of the concrete for every post on every job last year, this year,  and next year. Concreting posts is a proven method for installing vinyl, aluminum, and wood fence.


We like to stay on the cutting edge of fence technology! So here is the newest and in my opinion the strongest method on installing vinyl residential fence with the least negative impact on your property. A fence man in Canada was faced with the dilemma of frost heave on posts during the cold Canadian winters. Concrete was the only solution until he invented a metal post adapter for vinyl fence and named it ADVANTAGE POST ADAPTER. 

Check out the video! You will like what you see!”[youtube id=”Hf3-tKyp8Cg” width=”100%” height=”350″]

By power impact driving galvanized steel schedule 40 posts 3′-4′ deep into the earth, he was able to overcome the frost heave on concrete problem. So how do you drive an industrial steel post straight down 4 feet and keep it plumb (straight and level)? Even professional fence men cannot do that!  The socket he invented is eliptical on the inside and round on the outside. By adjusting the adapter eliptical inside it made for a true and plumb line.  Next step drop sleeve the vinyl post over the adapters and you have just installed the new system.

Great for post heave concrete, but we don’t have that problem in the south, why should I use this? Great question!  The original objective for this invention was the issue of winter frost heave of concreted post footers.  Now we see other side benefits of using this unique system.  Very little disturbance to the property as there are no large holes filled with concrete.

All vinyl posts now have a 2″ schedule 40 Galvanized post stiffener.
Posts can be set in half of the time of normal concrete.
Replacing a damaged vinyl post only takes a cordless drill and a couple minutes.
Using this system protects fence against strong storms and severe winds.
Reinforced vinyl posts with steel inserts creates the strongest vinyl fence available…anywhere!