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Carpenter Bees in your backyard

Carpenter Bees in your backyard

carpenter bees Bryant Fence Company Knoxville Tennessee

Carpenter Bee

Spring is here and so are the dreaded carpenter bees bombarding your head! How do you get rid of these pesky carpenter bees? Here are the answers you are looking for.


Carpenter Bees - what are they

Solitary bees that nest in soft woods and return every year.

Carpenter Bees - What are they good for ...

Carpenter bees are great pollinators so only get rid of these bees if they are menancing you. The male carpenter bees do not sting but they are very aggressive dive bombing at your head.

Carpenter Bees Traps

These inexpensive traps look like bird houses with a clear bottle underneath. Carpenter bees find the trap, enter and exit into the bottle and cannot escape. You can find these online and at most flea markets in the spring bee season.

Carpenter Bees kill at the nest

Once you have cleared most of the carpenter bees then you need to address the nesting holes where the females lay the eggs. Purchase at the HOME DEPOT, insects walk over the sharp pieces in the soil and cuts end up killing them.Diatomaceous Earth Bryant Fence Company Knoxville Tennessee

Harris Ground Fresh 100% Diatomaceous Earth is a natural product. It is OMRI listed with the Organic Minerals Research Institute and meets organic use standards. Use to protect your garden plants. Use in animal feed and multiple other uses., Professional Powder Duster included for easy application.

  • Natural product for organic use
  • Use to protect your garden plants
  • Use in animal feed and multiple other uses
  • OMRI listed with the Organic Minerals Research Institute
  • 4 lb. value size for multiple treatments
  • Professional powder duster included for easy application


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American Heritage Classic vinyl picket fence


American Heritage Classic vinyl picket fence

American Heritage Classic white vinyl picket fence Bryant Fence Company

Our most popular premium vinyl picket fence! Smooth top bar, narrow pickets for open landscape view.






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Knoxville Fencing Company

Knoxville Fencing Company

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Lake City Privacy Fencing

Lake City Privacy Fencing

Google Plus reviews Bryant Fence Company

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Aluminum Fencing and Gates

Aluminum Fencing and Gates

Check out the FREE UPGRADE CODE on the right! $175.00 VALUE till November 15th, 2016

Aluminum Fencing and Gates - COST

Hey Knoxville, our most popular question is HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Great question! Your aluminum fencing cost will vary according to the AMOUNT of aluminum used in your new fence. Options include fence height, picket spacing, gates, and accessories. 

Installed, turnkey Aluminum fencing in Knoxville on an average size yard with 2 gates will run between $18 - $38 for a complete installation.  An average size yard (175' ) with 1 gate runs from $3,600 up to  $7,100 depending on the options.

Fence School 101 Bryant Fence Company Knoxville Tennessee

Aluminum Fencing and Gates - FENCING STYLES

Why do our four most popular styles cost the same? American Classic, Traditional English, Fincastle, English Gardens all have about the same amount of aluminum in the fence sections. The posts are the same size, same amount of concrete, same amount of labor.

Aluminum Fence Styles Knoxville Tennessee

Aluminum Fencing and Gates - GATE STYLES

Walk gates, Point of entry gates, landscape gates (lawnmowers), access gates, double gates, and estate gates.Aluminum Gate popular styles

Aluminum Fencing and Gates - PHOTOS

See our photo gallery of BRYANT INSTALLED ALUMINUM FENCES. While other fence companies use stock images, these are our actual installations. Want to drive by and check out BRYANT ALUMINUM FENCES before you talk to us? Click on the map in the footer with installations all over EAST TENNESSEE.  Zoom in to your subdivision.

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Knoxville Residential Fencing


Bryant Fence Company has been providing Knoxville residential fencing for over 30 years.
Why is Bryant Fence Company the best at Knoxville Residential Fencing?

Our goal is to be the premier Knoxville residential fencing company.  We blend cutting edge technology with great customer service and appreciation. We are shifting our focus to vinyl fencing that is produced at our factory and aluminum fencing.  We believe these materials offer the best quality of fencing for your home. The following is a list of our core values and achievements and installation practices that make us, unlike any other fence company.

We offer […]

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Knoxville Fencing Company

Knoxville Fencing Company

 Who Do YOU Trust in your backyard? 

When looking for quality fencing contractors you want to also consider the quality of the Knoxville fencing company and check references from reputable 3 parties.


Better Business Bureau - Knoxville Fencing Company

BBB A+ BRYANT FENCEWho do you trust in your backyard?  We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and Bryant Fence is also a Better Business Bureau accredited business!

What does that mean to you?  For established businesses doing hundreds of backyard fences every year this reflects the quality of our installations and customer support.






Free Fence Quote Bryant Fence Company Knoxville Tennessee

Google + Referrals - Knoxville Fencing Company


Google plus page Bryant Fence

Currently we have 22 Google+ references and a 4.7 rating. We strive to make our customers lives easier when it comes to fencing, from initial consultations to contracts installation and final walk thru.







Customer Referrals on our Site - Knoxville Fencing Company

We also have referrals directly from our customers.  Would you like to see some of our customer testimonials? Click here for Bryant Fence Company referrals


Knoxville Fencing Company Installation Locations

Here is a map of some of our Knoxville Fencing installations. Check us out! Zoom into our interactive Google Map and locate your subdivision. Then check out our installations close to you and drive by to actually see our work before you call us.Knoxville Fencing Company installation map

Fence School 101 Bryant Fence Company Knoxville Tennessee

Not sure where to start? How much does a fence cost? Which materials to use, wood, vinyl or aluminum? Is it for children, pets, privacy, swimming pool, or maybe a boundary fence? What are the differences in the fences, which is best.

Free Fence Quote Bryant Fence Company Knoxville Tennessee


Modern Picket Fence Styles

Did you know that vinyl fencing is considered one of the top modern materials for fencing? Vinyl fencing can be a recycled material, so it is earth friendly. It is easy to maintain, and doesn’t have the same problems as wood fencing such as warping and twisting that comes naturally with wood.


Not to mention there are over 20 different modern picket fence styles to choose from! These picket fence styles give your home the charm of that little white picket fence you used to dream about as a kid. But the real beauty is that the maintenance is […]

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Fencing Ideas on a Budget

Are you looking for fencing ideas on a budget? There are many ways you can purchase a fence with big savings.


Depending on when you purchase a fence, you could save up to 20% on your fencing materials. The busiest season for purchasing a fence is between the spring and late summer months. If you wait to purchase a fence during the slow season then you

Using leftover materials

Towards the end of the year there will be leftover materials that fence companies and manufacturers are trying to move to close out their year. This could equal big savings for […]

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Options for Fencing Your Property

Do you have plans for fencing your property? Are you wondering about what options are available  for fencing your property? There are many options to consider when fencing your property.  A great starting point for you is to think about the purpose of your fence. Is your fence for a swimming pool, to contain a pet, provide privacy, or enhance your backyard living space? Your fence may be serving a multi-purpose.
Options for Fencing Your Property:
1. Fencing Material

We offer great fencing material options including Vinyl, Aluminum, and Wood fencing. 


2. Style Options

Privacy fencing is a style of fence that is […]

Custom Privacy Fence

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Best Swimming Pool Fencing


Are you looking for the best swimming pool fencing to compliment and secure your swimming pool area? Aluminum fencing and Vinyl fencing are the best swimming pool fencing due to being virtually maintenance free, extreme durability, and variety of styles. An important aspect of these types of fences are the gates that use self-closing hinges and automatic latches that create a more secure pool area. You can also upgrade to an aqua-latch that is the only latch that offers a child-safety system.

Aluminum Fencing
Aluminum fencing qualifies as quality swimming pool fences because of its strength and beauty. This is a […]

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Aluminum Fencing Specials!

Aluminum Fencing
Aluminum fencing provides open views that flow with the scenery. This type of fencing is maintenance free and very durable for a residential home. The narrow rails and pickets used to build the fence give it the elegance of a wrought iron fence without the pricey cost and the high maintenance. Our most popular colors for aluminum fencing are black and bronze.
Point of Entry Gate
By taking advantage of this special upgrade, you can increase the curb appeal of your fence by adding a curved or decorative gate at your point of entry into the backyard. What better way […]

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Benefits of an Aluminum Pool Fence

Ornamental Aluminum Fencing is a popular choice for pool fencing! If you are looking for low maintenance, elegance, and beauty then you will find there are some great benefits to of an aluminum pool fence. If you love the look of wrought iron fencing, then aluminum fencing is a great option for you because of the many benefits when surrounding a pool.
What is Aluminum Fencing?
Aluminum fencing is a metal fencing with a powder coating that creates a protective skin over the metal. Aluminum fencing is sometimes confused with wrought iron fencing. Wrought iron fencing is heavier, prone to rust, […]

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Can I fence on a sloped terrain?

The rolling hills of East Tennessee can be beautiful and burdensome when you are building a fence. You’re back yard most likely is graded so that it slopes away from the house. If you are considering a fence you may be wondering exactly how a fence can be installed along those rolling hills. Not to worry! You can have a fence installed on sloped terrain, but there are a few factors that will make a difference in how your fence will be installed.
Method of Installation
Stepping Method
The Stepping Method of fence installation used on a sloped terrain extends the posts […]

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