History of Wood Fence Lumber in the South

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HISTORY OF WOOD FENCE AND DECK LUMBER IN THE SOUTH In the 1950's to late 1960's the most popular and durable outside lumber in the south was redwood or western red cedar. This lumber came from the west coast, from old growth forests. large trees with high naturally occurring chemical which resisted insects. For a

Charleston picket fence

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  Charleston picket fence One of our most popular picket fences is the Charleston (arched center) picket fence.  Why so popular?  We offer this great looking low cost picket fence in both factory panels and custom installation on the property.  The look and feel, and warmth, and charm of REAL SOUTHERN OLD TIME FENCING! Built

Wood Privacy fencing – how much does it cost?

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Wood Privacy fencing - how much does it cost? MADE IN AMERICA - BEAUTIFUL NATURAL WOOD FENCING   The warmth and beauty of real wood fencing! Sounds perfect, but how much does it cost, what styles are available, what should I watch out for? There are so many options available to choose from I have

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