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Cedar and Cypress Wood Fence Warranty



Cedar, cypress and other natural wood fencing materials are just that natural. There is no one to warranty them except mother nature.

Old Growth Cedar Naturally Resistance to Insects

Some species of cedar will have a resin that is naturally resistant to insects the large western red cedars in the pacific northwest. That is how they can grow so large without insects destroying them. However, most cedar fencing in East Tennessee is not an expensive old growth western red cedar.


Fast Growth Cedar and Cypress – Little Resistance to Termites

What you will find is a fast growth “cedar” that is readily harvestable but the small diameter trees have very little natural chemical to resist insects. As East Tennessee is in the termite belt  this natural lumber has a very short life span (5-8 years). In other areas of the country with extremely hard winters and 36″ frost lines (to kill out underground pests) this lumber has a much longer life.


Fast Growth Cedar and Cypress – Heartwood vs Sapwood

Why is that different colors of red mixed with white or yellow in the cedar and cypress lumber? The lighter color of white and yellow you see is the sapwood. That was the living part of the tree where the darker red is the heartwood denser more durable lumber. Since the trees are small diameter the pickets will be only 3″ to 4″ wide and have sapwood and heartwood.