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Charleston Privacy Fence – Natural Wood


natural wood picket post top

Natural wood fence french gothic post top carved into post

Built on site, this natural wood privacy fence resembles the traditional wood privacy fence with some distinct differences.

Posts are decorative French Gothic carved out of the post!  No post caps here to tilt over or to fall off.  These post tops will shed water.

Real 100% concrete is used to set the posts, bagged concrete to insure the integrity of the concrete.  Many fence crews will mix a batch of gravel on the back of a trailer and call it concrete.  Our crews use the premixed bagged concrete to insure you get 100% REAL CONCRETE.  That is the foundation for your fence, so it IS important to get this right from the beginning!

The Charleston privacy fence pickets are installed at ground level following the grade (contour) of the ground. This eliminates gapping under the fence that you just can’t get with a panel fence.  The top of the fence boards will also follow the grade (contour) of the ground and reflects the unevenness of the property.  Actually, finding a level yard in East Tennessee is a miracle, so this is our most popular wood privacy fence.

The natural wood pickets used for the Charleston privacy fence are thicker and heavier than you get in the box store.  These pickets are a full 6″ wide and between 5/8″ and 3/4″ thick (will vary according to the expansion and contraction of the plank) rough sawn, and dog eared on the top.  A real fence board!

Charleston Privacy Fence – Fence Height

We start with a full six foot high ACQ Treated for Termites pine fence board.  Over many years of laying out fences using the Charleston Privacy Fence style for a basis, we have found the ideal height of the fence to secure the ground tightly over the entire fence is 5′ to 5-1/2′ tall.  After the fence is built, the last step is to trim out for the arched topping.Wow! It really looks difficult, but it’s not rocket science. We go through the entire fence line marking at the posts and the center between posts for arc points.  Then by using a thin flexible PVC pipe we can hold it up to the fence along our marks and pencil the arc shape. Now the fence is ready for trimming.

Some companies use a chainsaw to “TRIM OUT” your fence. Our preference is using a circle saw with a carbide blade producing a nice clean cut. The saw guard is set  to just barely cut thru the fence plank thus allowing for the curvature of the trim out.


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