English Gardens aluminum fence

English Gardens Aluminum Fencing – press points

The design for English Gardens is for the aluminum pickets to rise above the top railing bar at alternating heights to achieve the desired look.  Notice that all of the aluminum fence styles as well as all of the vinyl fence styles are center cut on support rails for the same beautiful look inside and outside of the fence. Originally hundreds of years ago the purpose of this English Gardens fence was for security! The decorative alternating height pickets rising above the horizontal bar were razor sharp to discourage home invasions.  A thief climbing this fence would have cut himself to pieces. Modern fences copy this look without the sharp edged points. And the use of maintenance free aluminum eliminates the problems of rusting, sanding, painting the old wrought iron steel.

English Gardens Aluminum Fencing point of entry gates are always fun to install. The Point of Entry gates are usually arched or otherwise different from the rest of the aluminum fencing to direct visitors by the entry path into the fence.  You can also use stone or brick pathways and also landscaping to direct your traffic into your backyard. The point of entry gate is a nice clean way to point your visitors to the entry and is complemented many times with flowers, shrubs and other decorative features.

english gardens aluminum fenceEnglish Gardens Aluminum Fencing secondary gates are usually 60″ in width to allow for landscape and lawnmowers access into the backyard. This secondary gate (landscape gate) is normally the same design as the fencing, because we do not want to draw attention to the gate, it is for function and set on the far side of the house. It is always suggested to add this access gate for lawnmowers even if you do not neeed the access currently.  If you need a commercial lawn service in the future they will need the extra space for their machines and you probably do not want them entering through your decorative point of entry gate.

For larger projects involving vehicles you could install a double gate, but for infrequent usage I recommend a removable sections of fencing (about 12′ wide). By setting the access section you will always have a vehicle entry point of entry for future projects and problems such as new swimming pool installation or repair, home room additions, major back yard landscaping, tree trimming and removal. It is alway nice to plan ahead for these options.  We always try to set in an access panel for future access and there is no additional charge for this service.

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