Duct Tape Cedar Fence Knoxville needs ReplacingReplacing an old cedar fence this year? Purchasing a brand new fence? Where are the property lines? Do I have to install brick columns? How do I contact the HOA? Who calls for gas, electric, cable, and water underground utilities marking? FREE FENCE ESTIMATE in Knoxville and Maryville!

Definitely get several fence quotes and compare companies before you buy a backyard fence. Download our FREE Fence Contractor Cheat Sheet with a list of IMPORTANT QUESTIONS BAD CONTRACTORS don’t like to talk about. Use the checklist to compare side by side your top three companies on everything from fencing materials used, integrity of concrete footers (do they concrete all the posts and on all FOUR SIDES CONCRETE).  What is the company warranty and the manufacturer warranty? How long in business…under the same name? PROOF OF INSURANCE!

Even before you start calling fencing companies for estimates, download your FREE CONSUMER GUIDE to BACKYARD FENCING chocked full of valuable information for backyard fencing solutions.  Vinyl fencing, aluminum fencing, natural wood fencing (treated for termites).


Researching Backyard Fencing is a Waste of My Time

So, why waste your time with researching backyard fencing before you buy? How about saving $1,000s of dollars to start with? Getting ready to drop $2500 – $7500 on a backyard fence? Where do you go for the real fence company? What products should you consider? What fencing product should you stay away from?

How much does it COST?  What are the differences between Vinyl, Aluminum, and Natural wood fencing? Which fence holds it value the longest? Which backyard fence is the cheapest?

What about POOL CODE FENCING? POOL CODE GATES? Who do I contact about my pool fencing for my county?

Do they concrete all the posts? Do they use a REAL CONCRETE? Who cleans up the dirt piles left from fence post holes?

What about your property survey and property lines?

Consumers Guide to Backyard Fencing

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