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Imperial Vinyl Privacy Fence is a very popular decorative vinyl privacy fence with a decorative spindle topping for extra accent.  We make the Traditional _ straight across, Charleston – arched center, Windsor – scallop cut, English Gardens – alternating heights, and Fincastle –  stepped scallop styles.

imperial vinyl privacy fence


Imperial Vinyl Privacy Fence – Privacy


What a great looking maintenance free fence! Imperial Vinyl Privacy Fence gives you two great features of tongue and groove privacy (no shrinkage and cracking between pickets) and a decorative topping. Not sure if 6′ is high enough? Check with our friendly sales pros for additional heights like 6′ +, or 7’+!  We are the factory so we can build what you want.  Need variations from the Imperial Vinyl Privacy Fence?  Show us  some photos and let’s see what we can do!



The photo above is the Charleston Imperial Vinyl Privacy Fence installed on the concrete pool decking with reinforced galvanized steel post stiffeners.  Why the extra support?

In this application the fencing is on top of a raised in ground pool.  That is an in ground pool that for what ever reason was not able to go into the ground. So the contractor dug footers, poured concrete footers and built the in ground pool above ground. An unusual situation but show the skill level of our installation crews.  Setting the galvanized steel posts in the block before the decking was poured  was tedious resulting in a very strong post support system.

Numerous storms and 5 years later the Charleston Imperial Vinyl Privacy Fencing still looks great! And here is the best part of it all….no maintenance!  Yes that is correct!  No painting! No sanding! No warped boards! No Termites!  Homeowners get to enjoy their pool without thought to the fencing.  That is what it’s all about tho isn’t it?  You do not buy a decorative security fence so you can spend your summers staining it!

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Imperial Privacy Vinyl Fence – Pool Fence

Ideal for swimming pool applications, the Imperial Privacy Vinyl Fence meets all the code requirements for a pool safety fence.  The decorative topping has several options, Traditional, Charleston, Windsor, Fincastle and the finial pickets also have several different tops available.

Imperial Privacy Vinyl Fence – Gates that Work!

IMPERIAL VINYL PRIVACY FENCEGates that actually work! Have you had a fence before? What would you give to have a real gate? You know a gate that does what it is supposed to do, open close latch.  All of this without tugging, pulling, and raising the gate to open or close it!

We offer our EXCLUSIVE 5 YEAR LABOR WARRANTY on our manufactured and installed vinyl gates! What does this mean to you?  We warranty our gates to open and close correctly.  The labor warranty covers our installation and the gate panel that we make. The hardware we install is warranted by Nationwide for lifetime, the vinyl extrusions are warranted by manufacturer for lifetime!

Imperial Privacy Vinyl Fence – Colors

imperial vinyl privacy fenceWhat colors are available for vinyl fencing?  Why do you carry these specific colors and not 15 different colors?  Great questions! First, we are the fabrication vinyl factory here outside of Knoxville, Tn in Powell, Tn. We carry the three most popular colors in inventory to build you a quality fence.  White is by far the most popular color, and was the original color of the vinyl fencing.  Next, the manufacturing plant we buy our truckload extrusions from chose the most popular color of vinyl siding for the second color choice, TAN! After all, if you want a match or closely matched colors this is the most popular color out there!

As consumers taste change in housing so has the color options in vinyl fence color choices. Our newest color ADOBE is a darker color which is very popular with new construction homes.







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