Knoxville Cedar Fencing


Knoxville, Maryville, Sevierville, Morristown, Lake City, Rockwood, Loudon, Athens!  If you have one of these cedar fences you will know it! Termites infest this knock off cedar fence product within 5 years of installation.  What else happens? Water damage erodes the fence and fence posts.  Carpenter ants and many others use this cedar for food and shelter.  If you get more than 7 years with this cedar your are doing great. Watch how these homeowners get a little more life to their fence by driving metal stakes next to it, or by tying rope or bracing it, even running electrical tape to hold it together. Not a pretty site.$200 REWARD CEDAR FENCEBryant Fence A+ Accredited Rating Better Business BureauGoogle reviews Bryant Fence Company

Knoxville Cedar Fence

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