Knoxville Picket Fence

Fencing solutions to complement your home! We are the factory so we can build 100s of designs to meet your specific needs.

Vinyl Factory Colors

Vinyl Factory Colors

Knoxville Picket Fence – Colors

This is a great choice for homeowners!  Try a sample piece of fence to compare with your home trim.  We offer traditional white, a light tan, and a darker adobe in our factory inventory. We have plenty of cut pieces of vinyl colors so stop by and grab some to see what your best color is!

Notice how some cheaper vinyl materials will have two colors? The post or fencing has a different color inside and a thin veneer on the outside of the vinyl.

Why is that? Because the box stores and fence companies can save money using a cheaper regrind product for the base and more expensive coloring on the outside only!

Why is it important for solid color throughout the product? Well to start with regrind is a recycled vinyl product. There is nothing wrong with using a recycled product as long as you know that is what you are getting and the quality of the recycled materials used. You may not be getting a true vinyl extrusion, it may be full of fillers to reduce costs.  That in turn will be reflected in the long-term quality and durability of the product.  Check those box store fence colors and see how they are reducing costs with low-cost fillers in recycled vinyl.

Knoxville Picket Fence – Styles

WOW! THE KNOXVILLE VINYL FACTORY IS OPEN! We have 5 standard production models of our most popular vinyl picket fences available now!  On top of that, there are 100s of other styles that we can produce for your specific needs: Traditional  English, American Classic, English Gardens, Windsor, and Charleston.

Knoxville Picket Fence – Gates

Do you want a Point of Entry Gate to be special and unique? Do you have design ideas to share for your home? YES! We can build you a custom gate for your specific objectives! Not only are these vinyl picket gates beautiful, but they are also durable! We warranty our premium vinyl residential gates with an impressive 5-YEAR LABOR WARRANTY. 

How can we labor warranty our installed vinyl gates for 5 years when our competition warranty varies from 1 month to 12 months? We can stand behind our vinyl gates because WE MAKE THE GATES and WE USE THE GOOD STUFF! That’s right, we make all of our vinyl gates here in our factory. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with the vinyl gate, then we fix or replace it!

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