Maryville Tn Fence Regulations

So, you are wanting to purchase a fence in Maryville, Tennessee, and want to know the rules and regulations. Great! You’re in the right place.  We are the most educational fence blog on the web and are here to help you navigate through the rules to install your fence. In the process, we hope to earn your trust and possibly install your fence for you. Now… Let’s see about Maryville, TN fence regulations!

Maryville Tn Fence Regulations – Permits

Residential fencing does not require a permit outside of the Historic District. However, you still have to follow the regulations set down by the City of Maryville. City of Maryville Development Services: 865-273-3500 (Rachel).
In Historic Districts, property owners must prepare an application and receive approval from the City of Maryville Historic Zoning Commission.
Maryville Tn Fence Regulations

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Maryville Tn Fence Regulations – Fence Height

Fence height in the backyard is to be no higher than six feet. Fencing higher than 6 feet will meet the standard building setbacks. Check with the current codes office for updated information.

Maryville Tn Fence Regulations – Fence Locations

Residential fencing in front yards is limited and must be reviewed by the city for visibility issues. It’s common sense to make sure road visibility and driveways are not blocked from a driver’s vision.

Maryville, TN Fence Regulations – Swimming Pools

Maryville Tn Fence Regulations

Maryville Tn Fence Regulations Blount-County-Pool-Code

Check with local code municipalities for current code restrictions for swimming pools. They will tell you things such as the best type of materials to use, pool gates, alarms, and other safety issues required for new residential pools. We have lots of great options for pool fencing to secure and keep your pool safe!  Check out the pool code sections for more information.

Maryville Tn Fence Regulations – HOA

Maryville Tn Fence Regulations

Maryville Historic District Windsor Natural Wood Picket Fence

Homeowners Associations for your subdivision may have more restrictive requirements for residential fencing such as acceptable type of material, fence locations (normally from the back corners of homes), a requirement of columns, the height of fencing, and even gate sizing (if HOA provides lawn service). Check with your HOA to determine your fencing options. Once you have written approval, be sure to document approval and scan it into a computer and also file away a hard copy for future reference.

So there you have a summary of Maryville, TN fence regulations, and the appropriate channels for approval of your new fence.  A quality fence contractor will be able to help you navigate the rules to ensure you have a beautiful fence that meets your specific needs and is approved by all restrictions.