Natural Wood Fence vs. Vinyl Fence

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A natural wood fence seems like the smart choice compared to vinyl fences when it comes to saving money on your fence purchase. Let’s imagine… 6 months after your fence purchase, what will you be doing?

“Spending more of your money to keep your natural wood fence looking nice and fresh”

An average estimate for the upkeep of your natural wood fence is $875 and about two days of your time. What could you be doing with that $875 each year instead of maintaining your cedar fence?

DIY means labor and time away from family or golf or lake vs. you are paying someone else to do the work … plus materials.

Cost Breakdown for Natural Wood Fence

Your initial investment for staining a natural wood fence is about $1,200.00 (including labor). After that, a coat touch-up happens about every 2 years, which costs approximately $600.00 (including labor) for the life of your fence.

Maintenance: Natural Wood Fence vs. Vinyl Fence

Maintenance for a natural wood fence includes staining or painting, replacing warped boards, termite/pest control if you choose cedar fencing, and sagging gates over time. Think about how you want to spend your time and money when you are shopping for a natural wood fence vs. a vinyl fence. Vinyl fences have low maintenance that includes dish soap or soft scrub, warm water, and a soft rag to clean up the vinyl fence to make it look fresh and nice again.

Are you ready to choose between Natural Wood fences and Vinyl Fences?

You can set up a FREE estimate with a fence specialist to help you choose the best fence style for you! Still not sure what type of fence you want? Check out these posts about Vinyl Fences.