NATURAL WOOD PRIVACY FENCE2015-07-14T15:21:08-04:00


These fences are broken down into 3 subsets of privacy fence (Traditional, Charleston, Windsor, Inverness) and the spaced privacy (same fences) and then the shadowbox (same fences pickets alternate sides)

Natural Wood Fencing is pretty basic.  No matter what style you choose, you still have the posts set in footers (100% concrete), attach 3 backing rails for support, then attach pickets.

Once you decide that you need a privacy fence, now choose the styling of your fence.  We have named our fences to make it easier to discuss. Basically, the top of the fence is going to be straight across (Traditional), add a cap plate (Inverness) , or cut in an arc (Charleston), or cut in a scoop or scallop (Windsor).

Other choices will be how the pickets are attached, tight together (privacy) or spaced (semi-privacy) or alternating sides of fence and overlapping (shadowbox).