Charleston Natural Wood Shadowbox Fencing , Maryville TN

Do you have plans for fencing your property? Are you wondering about what options are available for fencing your property? There are many options to consider. A great starting point is to think about the purpose of your fence. Is your fence for a swimming pool, to contain a pet, to provide privacy, or enhance your backyard living space? Your fence may be serving multiple purposes.

Options for Fencing Your Property:

1. Fencing Material

We offer great fencing material options including Vinyl, Aluminum, and Wood fencing.

2. Style Options

Privacy fencing is a style of fence that is 6 feet high and has no gaps between the boards. Picket fencing is 4 feet in height and has 2 – 3 inch gaps between pickets. Privacy and Picket fencing are available for Vinyl and Wood fencing. Aluminum fencing offers an open style of fencing that is comparable to picket fencing. The rails are thin and do not offer any privacy. Aluminum fencing is best for homes that have a scenic view that homeowners do not want to obstruct with a fence.

3. Install Options

DIY install: You can take on a fence install by Do-It-Yourself! There are tons of videos that can help you on Youtube. You can buy your supplies from a fence contractor instead of purchasing from a home improvement store and the quality of the materials will be sturdier.

Fence Company install: The convenience of using a fence company is that your fence will be installed quickly. Also, most fence companies will provide a warranty for their work along with a warranty that comes from the manufacturer of the material.

The real question is: Do you have the time to complete a DIY project? Is this something that you want to take on and give up your weekend to complete? Or do you want to leave it to the professionals?

Are you interested in a FREE estimate?

Bryant Fence Company can help you with your fence project. We can help you pick out your material, style, and installation. If you want to do a DIY project, then we can help you purchase your materials. We also offer advice and instructions on the best way to install your fence. You can contact us for a FREE estimate!