Fencing for a Puppy: The Best Options

Puppy Fencing Best Fences KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE

Did Santa bring your family a furry friend for Christmas this year? There are so many things to think about when getting a new puppy such as grooming, housing, puppy training, and outdoor structures to contain your new pet. There are 3 basic options for containing your new puppy outside: Electric fencing, invisible fencing, and outdoor structure fencing that also adds value to your home (examples: wood, aluminum, vinyl). The problems with electric and invisible fencing are that they use pain to control your pet, technology can fail, and they don’t add value to your property.

WOOD FENCING – Puppy Fencing Best Fences

Fence School 101 Natural Wood FenceThe benefit of wood fencing is that you can choose between a privacy fence or a picket fence. A privacy fence is a great option because it can be dropped to meet the slope of the land so that there is no gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground while also adding privacy to your backyard. A picket fence can also be dropped to meet the slope of the land. These fences are great for smaller pets and provide you with a more scenic view of your surroundings. Check out our full woodshop for factory direct pricing… 865-947-9663.

ALUMINIUM FENCING – Puppy Fencing Best Fences

Aluminum Fence School 101Aluminum fencing can meet your new pet’s needs by choosing a spacing that is small enough to keep your pet from wiggling through the fence. We also offer a special puppy rail that meets the needs of small pets or lap dogs. Aluminum fences provide an aesthetic view that will add value to your home while functionally containing your pet. Choose from 4″ spacing, 3″ spacing, 1-1/2″ spacing, or puppy rail. We are the aluminum fence factory distributor for East Tennessee. Call us for a FREE QUOTE: 865-947-9663

VINYL FENCING – Puppy Fencing Best Fences

Vinyl Fence School 101 Knoxville TennesseeVinyl fencing has so many amazing benefits for your home and pets! You can choose between picket vinyl fencing or privacy vinyl fencing. Like wood fencing, you will be able to have vinyl fencing meet the slope of your land so that pets can’t escape under the fence. The major difference between vinyl fencing and wood fencing is that vinyl fencing is Maintenance Free Fencing! New pets and young pets are known to chew on everything in sight, even wood fences. A vinyl fence is not the type of material that your new pet will choose to destroy, although there will be usual wear and tear that can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Vinyl fencing provides a maximum resale value for your home while providing functionality and curb appeal to your home. Call us today for a free vinyl fence quote DIRECT FROM OUR FACTORY! 865-947-9663

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If you are looking for a way to contain your new pet, then we would be happy to help! We have been serving the Knoxville area for over 30 years by providing high-quality fencing installation. You can check out our photo gallery to find other examples of our popular fences. We are available to help you design something special that will meet your needs of functionality, curb appeal, and value. We offer FREE ESTIMATES in Knoxville, Maryville, and surrounding areas.