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How to Receive a Quote for Your Vinyl Fence or Aluminum Fence or Wood Fence

(East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, Southern Kentucky, Western North Carolina, North Georgia residents only)

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American Classic Vinyl Picket Fence

Because most customers go into the act of purchasing a fence relatively blind, we at Bryant Fence have set up our website to literally be the most educational vinyl fence and aluminum fence and natural wood fence site on the web. We have invested tremendous effort in educating you, the consumer, so you can find the product and company that best meets your needs.  Assuming you study the content we’ve produced, when we actually meet together face to face the meeting will be extremely productive and effective Before we actually come out to give an estimate when you request a quote, we strongly urge that everyone at least visit the:

1) Fence Cost Page

Vinyl fencing costs

Aluminum fencing costs

Wood fencing costs

2) Fence Info Page (where you will find significant information regarding our suppliers, vinyl, aluminum, hardware, parts)

3) Vinyl Myths Page, and

4) Aluminum Myths Page

5) Our Blog.

Upon studying these pages, you will be an extremely informed fence

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shopper. Obviously, the other pages on the site are very helpful as well in one’s pursuit of fencing education and information. Once this is done, the process of receiving a maintenance free vinyl/aluminum quote or a natural wood fence is very simple. We also ask that you review our extensive installed fence interactive map, and drive by to see our actual fences close to your home. In-Home-Appointment Because we travel throughout East Tennessee and surrounding areas on appointments, the majority of quotes are given in the home of the customer.  This enables us to look at such factors as access, yard grade, difficulty of installation, etc. In-home appointments are typically done Monday-Friday, with morning, afternoon, and evenings all acceptable meeting times.  Because the process of purchasing a vinyl or aluminum fence is a complex one, we strongly urge that any/all decision makers attend this meeting as we

Request Fence Quote

Charleston gothic natural wood picket fence

will be discussing the fencing materials, height, spacing from grade, spacing between pickets, colors, gate and access requirements and other details. To receive a quote please fill out the form to the right of this page and we’ll touch base as soon as possible. Thanks!

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