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Traditional Natural Wood Privacy Fence

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CLASSIC PRIVACY FENCING is the lowest cost and most popular natural wood privacy fencing.


The CLASSIC PRIVACY FENCE is the foundation framework for all of the larger fence styles.  Since it is larger and heavier, has more wind resistance it requires a little more structure to beef it up.

Up to the 6′ height the fencing will require 3 backing rails per section, about 60 pounds of concrete per hole, and sections spanning about 8′ or less, with 10′ spans kept to a minimum.  Nails should be galvanized and ring or screw shank.

CEDAR FENCE TERMITE DAMAGE EAST TENNESSEEThis privacy fence above is natural wood that has been injected with termite insecticide to preserve the wood fence.  Any wood fence in the termite belt without termite protection WILL BE damaged by subterranean termites.

How do we know this for a fact?  

We have been selling and installing natural wood fencing since 1981 and seen it all.  Cypress, swamp cedar, red cedar, white cedar, fir, spruce, and other materials used for privacy fencing.  NEWS FLASH!!! ONLY LUMBER WITH INSECTICIDE SPECIFICALLY TARGETING TERMITES WILL SURVIVE!

Why is it that naturally resistant wood fencing is destroyed by termites?  

Subterranean termites are natures clean up crew and business is a booming!  With ideal climate conditions, mild winters and plenty of food sources, these termites create colonies of 1 million to 2 million termites and forage up to 3 football fields distance from the nest.

How does natural wood treated with insecticide protect the fence from termites?

As the termites fan out from the nest searching for food (fencing ) they will eat all dead wood they encounter.  When attacking the natural wood fence treated with ACQ (insecticide) they actually ingest the chemical and that is what kills them.  So termites can start on the treated wood fence, but it will kill them.

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How Much Does Natural Wood Privacy Fencing Cost?


Great question!  Of all the great looking natural wood fencing options, you wonder why homeowners choose a short term fence over a long term fence.  A short term fence is one that has an expected life of 7 years or less. A long term fence has an expected life of 15 to 20 years. Many customers assume that the fence they are buying will last for 20 years!  Read the fine print, see if the materials you are going to use has pressurized insecticide into the lumber cell structure.  If not, you will be facing purchasing a second fence to replace the first decayed, termite damaged fence.

Natural Wood Privacy Fencing chemically treated for termites will range in pricing according to the upgrades chosen.  So a range of $14.00 to $32.00 per foot depending on specs with most  jobs falling into the $15.00 –  $19.00 range per foot.

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  • Natural wood fence
  • Treated for termites
  • Low cost fencing
  • Homeowners Association


  • Warmth of Real natural wood
  • Chemical manufacturer 10 yr warranty
  • Great value – lowest cost privacy fence
  • Meets most HOA’s requirements