Vinyl Fence Maintenance: Part 2

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We are doing a series on Vinyl Fencing, where we take a look at the value of vinyl fencing when compared to wood fencing, maintenance of vinyl fencing, qualities of vinyl fencing, and choosing a privacy vinyl fence. Today we are focusing on vinyl fence maintenance.

Vinyl Fencing is maintenance FREE! No staining, painting, warping, or twisting!

Since the vinyl fence is considered a maintenance-free fence, we are going to compare the money, sweat, and time put into a natural wood fence vs vinyl fencing. Wood fencing needs to be stained once a year. Before staining the fence, you will need to pressure wash the fence and then stain it after it has dried. You may also need to do some light sanding for the stain to go on smoothly. Depending on the type of wood you choose for your fence, you may also need to treat the wood for termites at least 1-2 times a year. You don’t want termites getting into your home through your fence!

Who wants their weekend back?!

Vinyl Fence Maintenance is as simple as grabbing dish soap, a soft rag, and a bucket of warm water. You can quickly and easily clean your fence of any dirt, grass, or mildew by wiping it off. No hours of staining, sanding and treating like with a wood fence. Take back your weekend, enjoy other DIY projects, time with family, lake, golf, etc. Over the long term of at least 10 years, a vinyl fence is your best option! All while saving money with a vinyl fence!

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