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Let’s talk numbers!

I love getting a bargain! I mean, if I can get something I want for a deal, then I love it even more than if I just buy it at the retail price. But I don’t like to sacrifice a deal for the value. Vinyl fencing is your best value in fencing! Over the long term, a vinyl fence saves you money. Take a look as we compare the residual value of your fence choices.

So this is the one point that most people miss when considering fencing options for their home: Residual value. What is your investment worth after 5 years—even 10 years—after purchase?

After all the costs of staining, replacement parts, time, and money, how much did that fence cost you?

Time is a valuable commodity! You can never get it back, it goes by so quickly, and how you manage your time is important. What do you want to give up or miss out on…due to maintaining a fence? 

I have charted out the costs associated with both of these fences and when considering a well-maintained natural wood cedar fence after 10 years the residual value is less than 10%.  

Homework assignment: Check out fences in your neighborhood. What do the fences that have been there 10 years or longer look like? Talk to the homeowners and find out how much time and money they put into the upkeep of their fence.

Comparing Residual Value of Vinyl Fence vs. Wood Fence

Vinyl Fence Wood Fence
Initial Cost $6,750 $4,050
Maintenance Cost over 10 years $0 $5,600
Total Fence Cost over 10 years $6,750 $9,650
Residual Fence Value 65% ($4,387.50) 10% ($405)

Perhaps you think you will just leave the wood fence alone and do not plan on maintaining the wood. Here’s what you’re looking at…Cedar fencing drops to 10% residual value without any maintenance, and may even reduce your home’s curb appeal by thousands of dollars. So even if you have great intentions of maintaining your natural cedar fence and just don’t get around to it, the net effect after 10 years is ($4050 – $405 = $3645 ) costing you $3,645 or $364.50 a year for a worn-out natural wood fence. You will more than likely have to do some maintenance on this fence, materials, labor, staining, and gate repair before selling your home. Without fixing up the old cedar fence, the curb appeal effect may cost you thousands on selling your home.

“One last thought to leave you with… what if everything you bought from today on for the next 10 years could return you 65% of the original value, how much further would your dollar take you?” 

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