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Choosing a vinyl fence can be a confusing experience and demand a lot of your time. We can help you with your decisions with our articles and videos to choose your new vinyl fence. :

Eliminates frost heave problems of concrete in extreme cold areas
Minimal invasive damage to property
Strongest vinyl fence reinforcement
Lasts a lifetime with no warping
Easy to replace the sleeved vinyl post if ever needed
If in soft soil or disturbed soil, longer posts used for deeper set.

Why install galvanized steel support posts? This method was pioneered in Canada where there is a severe frost heave of concrete problem. Driving the posts into the ground solves the frost heave problem. This is great for windy areas because the privacy fence catches a lot of wind sheer.  Galvanized steel supports last a lifetime with NO WARPING like a wood support post.  This is great in areas with disturbed soil, like backfill areas, around swimming pools, and in soft soil where we can use longer support posts.  For 6′ privacy fencing we like to go 4′ to 5′ deep into the ground, and for 8′ high privacy fence we like to drive the steel posts between 5′ to 8′ deep hitting solid ground.

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