Why Is My Fence Green?

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So what’s the answer? Why is your wood fence green? The short answer is to protect your investment. However, the most important answer for some is this: the green will go away!

What is pressure-treated wood?

Pressure-treated wood is wood that is prepared with chemicals meant to increase its longevity.

Why is wood treated?

Wood treatment and preservation were begun by forestry experts to protect the wood, make it last longer, and reduce waste and needless harvesting of timber.

How are the chemicals applied?

In the pressure-treating process, chemicals are put into the cell structure of the wood. Stacks of wood are placed in a vessel, the air is removed by vacuum, then chemicals are flooded in the tube with 160 pounds of pressure. After this process is complete, the stacks of wood sit on a drip pad until the wood is dripping with excess chemicals.

Who regulates the chemicals?

The American Wood Protection Association, or AWPA, sets the standards and guidelines for using chemicals in the pressure-treating process. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Forest Service, and forestry experts also play a role in ensuring the chemicals are safe and regulated. Bryant Fence is a member of the AWPA and we stay up to date with the changing rules and guidelines of pressure-treated wood to ensure our customers are getting the best products.

Are the chemicals safe?

Absolutely! While we wouldn’t suggest ingesting your newly installed fence, the chemicals used are constantly being tested by agencies responsible for the safety of the consumer and of the environment.

What are the benefits of using pressure-treated pine?

Pressure-treated pine, more specifically pressure-treated Southern Yellow pine, is our wood of choice at Bryant Fence. Pine holds up in the ground much longer than other species of wood and the pressure-treating process is used to prevent weather and insect damage, rotting, and fungus. It is important to note that pressure treatment is not a cure for these issues. Wood of any kind is a natural material and will eventually need to be replaced; however, pressure-treating is the only way to significantly lengthen the life of the wood.

When does the green go away?

The final, and most important for some, question! The green tint fades over time as the wood is exposed to the elements. This typically takes a month or two depending on the season and the weather we’re currently experiencing.

For more information on the pressure-treating process, view the video below.