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Windsor Picket Fence

Warmth and beauty of real natural wood picket fencing, the Windsor Picket Fence features decorative post tops carved out of the post! The pickets can have either a gothic trim cut or trimmed in scallop after construction. This Windsor picket fence natural wood is built complementing a home in the Maryville Historic District.

Windsor wood picket fence Bryant Fence Company

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The number #1 problem with wood fencing in EAST TENNESSEE is subterranean termites. These termites do extensive damage to un-treated natural wood fences and major damage to the homes close to the untreated fences.  East Tennessee is in an area called the TERMITE BELT.

The Termite Belt is an area covering Tennessee, western NC, western SC, northern Ga, northern Alabama and Mississippi. The climate is ideal for termite growth (warm and moist). Since they are natures wood source clean up crew its no wonder they are expanding their colonies. Check out the termite page for more information.

Windsor Picket Fencing Bryant Fence Company

Windsor Picket Fence 

Have you been told you cannot have a 5′ high wood picket fence? That it has to be 4′ or 6′ high?  We DID NOT GET THAT MEMO! We are building natural wood Windsor picket fence in our wood shop every week! And in whatever heights and picket spacing the homeowner specifies!  What a great design for a 5′ high Windsor picket fence.  Five foot is our most popular design because with 2 backing rails it eliminates a middle climbing rail (dogs may try to climb over). Five foot high is normally high enough to contain most pets.  You can see thru the fencing and most people can see over the top of the Windsor picket fence. Spacing between pickets can be closed in to 3″, 2-1/2″,  2″, 1-1/2″, and 1″ for small pets containment.  We even see homeowners with two or more pets, one large (lab, shepherd, husky) and smaller lap dog…great for multiple sizes.

Windsor Picket Fence 

How much does it cost? Great question, and one of the first questions we are asked! With all the variations of the Windsor picket fence from low end panels to custom on site construction we will have to give you a range.  Windsor Picket Fencing will range in price from about $11.50 per foot installed to about $16.00 per foot installed. Most of the projects that we install follow in the range of $12.50 – $14.50 per foot. Check out our wood fence pricing page for more details!

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  • Custom built on site!
  • Fitted tight to ground
  • Treated for termites
  • Optional heights and spacing
  • Homeowners Association


  • Nailed stick by stick
  • Close to ground then trimmed after construction
  • Manufacturer 10yr termite warranty
  • Heights and spacing specific to your needs
  • Meets most HOA specs