Windsor wood picket

Windsor Natural Wood Picket

Are you in the market for a wood picket fence this year?  Maryville, Tennessee is in the heart of the TERMITE BELT!  All wood fences are subject to this efficient termite colonies UNLESS they are specifically chemically treated for Subterranean Termites. How do you know if your potential fence is specifically treated for termites? ASK THE SALESMAN TO PUT IT IN WRITING! 

If your lumber is not chemically treated for termites, it will succumb to termites and other insects!  What about red cedar, white cedar, spruce, fir, cypress, swamp cedar..and the list goes on!  NO THESE SPECIES ARE NOT CHEMICALLY TREATED FOR TERMITES!  The salesman may tell you that they are naturally resistant to insects and that is a half truth at best here in the termite belt. You see, most of the wood fences using these lumber types are highly susceptible to termites and insects but in cold northern regions the wood fences get a 6 month break from insects. Not so in the termite belt. Our termites are active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Most of the “KNOCK OFF CEDARS”  lumber is cut from small trees, meaning that part of the cut wood is heartwood (seasoned more resistant) and sapwood (fresh growing less resistant). You can see the difference in color when you have a reddish and yellow color in the same board!  If not for termites and carpenter bees and carpenter ants… these “KNOCK OFF CEDARS” would be great fences.


carpenter bees

Carpenter Bees LOVE cedar fence

Naturally resistant lumber might do well in cold Northern climates, but in the TERMITE BELT these Subterranean Termites eat 24 hours a day every day!  How serious is the termite problem?  Check outside your home to see if you have termite bait traps dug into the ground all around your home.  Termites are a very serious problem here in Maryville, Knoxville, Chattanooga and will have to be dealt with before or after their handiwork.

In the spring you may notice what looks like very aggressive bumble bees buzzing overhead and around the wood fencing.  These are not bumblebees but carpenter bees and males do not sting.  They cut small 9mm holes into softwoods like cedar, cypress, fir, spruce….the “KNOCK OFF CEDAR” fencing.  How do you control for these bees?  What are they good for?  Is there any traps for them? Check out the connection between carpenters bees and natural wood fencing.  Can they drill their holes into treated lumber? YES. Will the insecticide kill them? NO. Why not? Because unlike termites that eat, ingest the cellulose fiber, carpenter bees will cut out the hole and you will see the sawdust on the ground below. How to deal with carpenter bees if you already have them? Check out the article for carpenter bees




Windsor_4_600x450Are you looking for a natural wood fence that has some flair to it? Check out this natural wood WINDSOR WOOD PICKET fence with french gothic post tops and a decorative downward scallop accent cut. The Windsor wood picket featured on the left is in the Maryville’s Historic District across from Maryville College campus.







Have you been told that you can’t get that picket fence in 5′ high treated for termites wood fencing?
                                       BOLOGNA! WE NEVER GOT THAT MEMO! 

Of course you can get that beautiful 5′ high Windsor fence in natural treated for termites wood fencing.  Many customers think that they can only get the fence in the KNOCK OFF CEDAR but that’s not true!  If you are spending your money on natural wood fencing make sure you don’t lose it on a termite infested 





Great options are available here with the picket fence styles.  The windsor wood picket can be built in our factory using lower cost shop labor to build panels and reducing installation time and cost. The choice of picket topping is also available of gothic picket top or precision end trim. The two major downsides of having the prebuilt panels installed is that racking the fence (up/down slopes) weakens the fence, corners are wrapped ( at the corners the section cut, then continues on the next side) and gapping under the fence (built square so bottom of fence straight line even at angle).

Great news for stick built on site Windsor wood picket fencing is custom built to your grade! No racking required since it’s built on your site, and that makes a stronger fence. It will take longer to build your fence on site but you can have the pickets drop to the ground and close up any gaps under the fence. By building your fence on site no wrapping the fence is required, that  means all of the sections in each line are equally spaced for a cleaner precise appearance.







Windsor Picket



Windsor gate