So you are installing a new fence for your home, but you need to take down the rotting fence first. What are you going to do with it? Here are some options for your older fence that will make way for your new fence installation!

Cedar Fence FAILS 3x31. Throw it away

Throwing away your fence is always an option. Depending on the size of your fence, your contractor may be willing to take your scruffy fence to the local dump for a fee ranging from $50 – $500. It depends on how much is being removed and how many trips it will take to get all the fencing off your property.

2. Sell your old fence

Today you have the opportunity to sell just about anything! You may not realize it, but you can sell your fence on Facebook or Craigslist. There are always people looking for a quick fix or a cheap way to do some home projects. We once sold some fence boards to a man who stripped the boards, planned them, and stained them to turn them into beautiful wood details for his ceiling. If you have an outdated fence, this could be a way you could make a little money to put toward your new fence installation.

3. Recycle your old fence

You can recycle your fence, just like the man who stopped by our shop. The possibilities are endless when it comes to DIY and crafting projects for your fence boards. You can search on sites like Pinterest to find great ideas for reusing fence boards for everything from bed headboards to wood signs in home decor. Here are a few of our favorite recycled fence boards…

Are you ready to get rid of that old fence?

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