Are you considering a pool install this summer? You will need a fence to go along with your new pool, and here are 3 common problems with swimming pool fences.

1. Wrong height for pool fence

Following your county’s pool code is important. If you build your fence without consulting your county’s guidelines, you can be required to update your fence that was just installed, costing you lots of time and money. You could also be held liable if there were some sort of accident involving your pool. These pool codes are important in providing safety and security for yourself and your surrounding neighbors.


2. Gates that are not self-closing

If you don’t install self-closing gates, then you could leave yourself open for security and safety problems. Gates that don’t close automatically and lock are a safety and security hazard. When gates close automatically, you can be sure that no person or animal is getting into your pool area that is not supposed to be there. A self-closing latch and gate are also helpful when young children are running around and you aren’t by the pool to see them, by keeping them out when they aren’t supposed to be in that area.

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3. High Maintenance fencing

Natural wood fencing can be a problem for fencing in your swimming pool. Natural wood fencing tends to warp and twist and can be more likely to do this when close to a pool. Natural wood fencing also needs to be stained or painted to help maintain its durability. Today, there are some great options for fencing in your pool such as Aluminum Fencing and Vinyl Fencing which are virtually maintenance-free! Aluminum Fencing is perfect for those who don’t need privacy and want to maintain the scenic view around their pool. Vinyl Fencing is a great option for those who need privacy.

Are you having a swimming pool installed and need a fence?

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