Aluminum Fencing Chattanooga Tennessee

Looks like wrought iron fencing without any of the maintenance! What kind of fence is that?  Aluminum backyard fencing with a lifetime paint warranty! No rusting, no sanding, no priming, and no painting.  Aluminum fence has the elegant appearance of wrought iron fence without the mess!

Aluminum Fencing Chattanooga Tennessee – Aluminum Fence

We are a factory direct installation company stocking the two most popular styles of black aluminum fence for fast installation! We also can order (about a week lead time) all other styles for backyard fencing. Other popular styles are English Gardens, Fincastle, Puppy Rail, Savannah and there are many more .

Aluminum Fencing Chattanooga Tennessee

American Classic Aluminum Fencing Chattanooga, Knoxville, Maryville, Morristown


Many of our customers need aluminum fencing for swimming pool safety, or to contain pets, or just for an elegant boundary fence. Most fence companies only offer you a standard pool code picket spacing of 4″, but we offer three options.

Pool code spacing of less than 4″

Tighter spacing for small pets at 3″ spacing

Also tightest spacing double pickets for a 1-1/2″ spacing

With all of these spacing options and styles options we should be able to meet your aluminum fencing needs.




Aluminum Fencing Chattanooga Tennessee – Aluminum Fence Gates

These two fences are our most popular of the aluminum fencing. We keep these two styles Traditional English and American Classic in stock ( BLACK, 48″ high) for quick installation! Both fences meet BOCA Pool Codes. In stock gate options are 4×4, 4×5, and 4×4 arched.

Aluminum Fencing Chattanooga Tennessee

American Classic Point of Entry Aluminum Fencing Gate

Aluminum Fencing Chattanooga Tennessee

Traditional English Aluminum Fencing Points on Top










Point of entry gates are the first impression people see when entering your backyard.  Many customers chose to spice up the backyard entry gate with a curved top to accent the entry.  Pavers, flowers, and benches are also great ways to point visitors to the direction for entry.

Landscape gates are larger 5′ wide gates used for wheelbarrows and large mowers.  Always a great gate for the side yard, these larger gates are more awkward to use and allow more freedom of movement.

Access panels are aluminum removable 12 sections to allow vehicles and  equipment to access the backyard property. Always a good idea to install these (no additional charge) because you will need access sometime in the future, trees cut, pool installed, landscaping


Aluminum Fencing Chattanooga Tennessee – COSTS

Lots of options here for the aluminum fencing.  Colors, styles, picket height, picket spacing, picket finials, and gate choices.  With so many options I will give you a range for your aluminum fencing.

FOUR foot high aluminum fencing will range from about $20.50 to $30.00 per foot depending on options chosen.  The majority of our aluminum fencing projects will run between $20 to $24 per foot installed.

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