Aluminum Fencing Styles & Spacing

Aluminum FencingAre you in Knoxville, Maryville, Loudon and looking into purchasing fencing this year?  Natural wood, aluminum, and vinyl residential fences are the most popular backyard fences.

Unlike natural wood fence, the aluminum fence is maintenance free fencing with a lifetime manufacturers paint warranty! Check out all of the information below about Bryant’s Lifetime Aluminum Fences to see if one is right for your back yard. Call or email us for a free in-home visit, we will even bring you a sample section of fence for you to test drive over the weekend.

To many choices to narrow down? Let us help you learn about fences so you can make wise decisions. Check out our FENCE SCHOOL 101 for information on aluminum fences, aluminum fence costs, aluminum fence installation techniques, customer testimonials, and how to find a quality contractor.



Aluminum Fencing Styles


There are 2 main styles that represent over 80% of the aluminum fencing installed and we keep those two styles in inventory for quick installation! Those are the BLACK RESIDENTIAL TRADITIONAL ENGLISH ALUMINUM FENCE (STYLE A) AND THE AMERICAN CLASSIC ALUMINUM FENCE (STYLE B).

So, if you are not in that 80% what do we have to offer you?  EVERYTHING ALUMINUM! 

We have sizes from 3′,  4′,  4-1/2′,  5′,  6′ and many styles from which to choose.  It all comes down to aesthetics and functionality for your specific needs.


Aluminum Fence Picket Spacing

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Do you have a flat yard in East Tennessee? How about a yard that is not level? Our aluminum fencing is adjustable for slopes up to 30″. Now that should cover almost every possibility, but if it doesn’t…we can special build that section for you in our shop!



AND, if anyone has told you that you cannot put a gate on a slope…Well, we didn’t get that memo!  Definitely we can build your single gate panel for a slope!

Sloped gates take a little bit extra time to weld, and then back to the paint shop for the 30 years paint warranty!



Aluminum fencing


Check out these great aluminum gate styles!  Bryant Fence recommends two gates for your backyard and an access panel.

This is for one POINT OF ENTRY GATE (a decorative or decorated gate) to direct visitors and friends into the backyard, and a landscape gate (usually 5′ wide to access riding mowers) and a removable access panel (makes a 12′ opening in the fence for vehicle entry).

Lastly, if you will be accessing the property frequently then a car gate ( double gate ) is recommended. This can go from a simple double drive gate to arched center gate, to an Estate Gate!



ALUMINUM COST GUIDEWith all of these available options I have to give a range for the aluminum fence cost. Assuming 225′ fence, 2 gates (1 – 4′ wide and 1 – 5′ wide the installed cost of fencing will range from $4,650.00 to $8,850.00 with the majority of the fencing jobs ranging between $5,700.00 to $7,500.00.

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