Aluminum Gates on a Slope

Here is a popular question we get every week: Can you make an aluminum gate fit the slope of my yard so my pet doesn’t slide under and escape? What about a double gate (car gate)?

Sure! We use factory-direct aluminum fences and gates. We purchase right from the factory and have these slope gates made custom every week!

Existing Fence Needs Sloped Gate

HELP! I purchased a house, inherited an aluminum fence, and I need to change the gate to a sloped gate. What do I do?

Easy Peasy! We can measure and install it for you, or you can install it yourself with a cordless drill in about 30 minutes or less. First, measure the inside opening between the gate posts. Your new aluminum gate will be built to fit inside the opening and take into consideration the gate hardware spacing.

Next, if you need a sloped gate, use a long flat piece over the opening.  Place a level over the top and raise it till the bubble is in the middle! Now, take a tape measure to get the amount of slope in inches that you need, one side on the ground and the other side measured from the ground to the bottom of the straight edge. This gives you the slope.  When ordering, simply give the style, inside opening measurement, and slope in inches.

How Much Does a Sloped Aluminum Gate Cost?

Great question! Add about $45 to the regular cost of your aluminum gate for custom sloping. Need more information? Check out our FREE RESOURCES PAGE.

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