Aluminum Puppy Rail Fencing

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Puppy Rail Fencing Knoxville, Maryville, Loudon

Do you have a small pet that you need to contain in the backyard? If so, this is a great fence option for you! Are you looking for a fence to hold your lap dog in backyard safety? Great, you’re in the right place! This fence is for you!

Puppy Rail Fencing

Puppy Rail Fencing Knoxville, Morristown, Maryville Great style of fencing, designed for the small to very small pets for containment and for an open landscape view.  The puppy rail fencing consists of an extra bar located above the bottom rail and includes a secondary short picket to close up the spacing.  This creates a beautiful open view fencing with the lower third of the fence tight spacing to keep those really small pets inside. As you can see the fencing attaches easily to brick columns for an aesthetically pleasing look.  Decorative rock landscaping outside of the puppy rail fencing eliminates the need to weed eat near the fence.






Puppy Rail Fencing – Gates

Point of Entry Gate Puppy RailLandscaping Gate Puppy Rail FencingGates are normally broken down into Point of Entry pedestrian gates, landscaping gates (service gates 5′ wide) and drive thru gates (8′ to 10′ wide). The POINT OF ENTRY GATE will be your backyard accent entry to direct traffic to a specific spot.  Sidewalks, landscaping, and seasonal decorating (pumpkins and hay bales, Christmas wreaths and ribbons)  will further make this particular feature stand out such as a decorative front door.

When selecting a Point of Entry gate, I always like to emphasis this portion of the fence. A popular choice is the arched style gate that adds a little pizzaz to the backyard puppy rail fencing project. These puppy rail gates shown here have special hinges and latches. The Nationwide hardware here is factory tested for residential usage with 1 million closings.  Warranty on these hinges and latches are lifetime from the factory. The aqua-latch is primarily a pool code approved magnetic safety latch that is so popular with customers that we keep these in stock. The release stem has a red trim alerting you when the gate did not fully close and latch.  The hinges are SELF CLOSING and required for swimming pool gates, but are so popular we keep these in stock and upgrade almost all gates with these lifetime warranty hinges.

Has anyone told you that you cannot have a tighter spacing between the pickets? WE DIDN’T GET THAT MEMO!  All of our aluminum fence styles can have the picket spacing closed down to 3″ spacing, even down to 1-1/2″ spacing like the puppy rail fencing.  So if you would like the picket spacing tighter, then YES we can do that for you! Click on a style below for more information or give us a call to discuss your project. Not sure about the spacing you need for your pet? Call us for a test drive and try out a sample for yourself with your pet.

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Savannah Aluminum Fencing

Savannah Aluminum Fencing tight picket spacing

Fincastle Aluminum Fence

Fincastle Aluminum Fence with 3″ spacing

Traditional English Aluminum Fencing with 3" spacing

Traditional English Aluminum Fencing with 3″ spacing

American Classic Aluminum Fencing Knoxville, Maryville, Morristown

American Classic Aluminum Fencing Knoxville

Fincastle Historic Maryville Aluminum Fencing

Fincastle Historic Maryville Aluminum Fencing 3″ space


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