Are you looking for the best swimming pool fencing to compliment and secure your swimming pool area? Aluminum fencing and Vinyl fencing are the best swimming pool fencing due to being virtually maintenance-free, extremely durable, and having a variety of styles. An important aspect of these types of fences is the gates that use self-closing hinges and automatic latches that create a more secure pool area. You can also upgrade to an aqua-latch which is the only latch that offers a child-safety system.

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Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing qualifies as a quality swimming pool fence because of its strength and beauty. This is a great fence if you have a scenic view and want to maintain an open feeling. If you are looking for a fence that provides privacy, this is not a good choice for you due to the narrow style of the rails and pickets. Aluminum-style fencing is elegant and provides the visual of wrought iron without the expensive price tag and high maintenance. Aluminum fencing does not rust, is not prone to grow mildew or mold, and does not need to be painted other than touch-ups to minor scratches. This is a great option around your pool.

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Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is high-quality swimming pool fencing because of the many options available. You can purchase vinyl fencing to provide your pool area with privacy or a more open concept in a picket-style fence. This is a very customizable style of fencing that can be manufactured at Bryant Fence Company’s shop. The colors of this fence are limited to white and tan. This is a great option for your swimming pool because it is very low maintenance and can be easily cleaned with dish soap and warm water.

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