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Bryant Fencing & Gates provides you with the best quality fencing in the Knoxville area! Our gates are made of premium-grade vinyl fencing materials. Bryant fencing and gates are built tough, with rigid 2″ x 3.5″ routed gate upright frames and rigid v-channel extrusion gate bracing. We use black stainless steel horizontally adjustable, self-closing heavy-duty hinges specifically designed for vinyl gates. Our vinyl fencing gates use aluminum H beam extrusion gate post stiffeners on the hinge side of the gate AND the latch side of the gate. When you purchase an installed vinyl fence gate from Bryant Fence, you are getting the best quality vinyl with the toughest build to handle years of wear and tear!

Did you know that we OWN the VINYL FENCE and GATE FACTORY?

That’s right! Bryant fencing and gates are routed and built in our vinyl factory. Our Premium Vinyl Gates come with a 5-year installation limited warranty. How do we warranty our installed premium vinyl gates for a FULL 5 YEARS?


And we build our gates to last. We believe so strongly in our gates that we offer a limited FULL 5-year warranty. These vinyl gates by Bryant Fencing and Gates are built based on our experience and expertise with vinyl fencing.

Bryant Fencing & Gates

Gates add curb appeal and are the point of entry for your friends and family. Not only are gates important for curb appeal, but also for function and safety. You need a strong and safe gate. Especially if you have a pool, you will need a gate that can provide safety for children. Children are inherently curious, watching adults enter and leave the pool area. Children are also very clever at manipulating handles, doors, and cabinets. Since gates are where the majority of children (4 years and under) enter the pool area, special emphasis is placed on gate security.

Pool Code Gates

Gates should open outward away from the pool. When opening outward there is less chance for the child to enter the pool area unsupervised. Gates are to have tensioned hinges and be self-closing and self-latching. The spring load hinges should close the gate from wide open to just barely open. Pool codes typically require the release mechanism of the latch to be 54″ or higher from the outside grade. This is to keep small children from reaching up and releasing the gate.

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We would love to help you design a fence with Bryant Fencing & Gates. Contact us today and we can have a fence specialist meet you to help pick out the best vinyl fence and gate for your needs! Are you looking for more information about vinyl gates? Let us know how we can help!