Carpenter Bees in your backyard

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Carpenter Bee

Spring is here, and so are the dreaded carpenter bees bombarding your head! How do you get rid of these pesky carpenter bees who eat your wood structures? Here are the answers you are looking for.




What are carpenter bees?

Solitary bees that nest in softwoods and return every year.

What are they good for?

Carpenter bees are great pollinators, so only get rid of these bees if they are threatening you. The males do not sting, but they are very aggressive and dive-bomb at your head.

Carpenter bee traps

These inexpensive traps look like birdhouses with a clear bottle underneath. They find the trap, get into the bottle, and cannot escape. You can find these online and at most flea markets in the spring bee season.

Kill carpenter bees at the nest

Once you have cleared most of these critters, you need to address the nesting holes where the females lay the eggs. Purchase at the HOME DEPOT, insects walk over the sharp pieces in the soil and cuts end up killing them.

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