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Knoxville Fence Contractor Bryant Fence CompanyFence School save money

That right! If you are going to purchase a backyard fence this year Educate Yourself with Fence School 101! An educated consumer will make sound buying decisions. What to expect from your contractor! Contractor checklist to ask and compare contractors! Is your contractor cutting corners? Using 100% concrete for footer foundation or a cheap inferior random SKAT MIX off the back of a trailer. Who picks up the dirt around the fence posts? Do you have an opportunity to walk the fence line in the daylight before paying for the final product? What materials are used, where can you see actual fencing installed by contractor?  Check out new fencing, and ALSO some older fencing (5-10 years old) to see how well it holds up.

Does your contractor have 3rd party referrals from Better Business Bureau, Google Plus, Yahoo ...

Does your contractor have a legitimate place of business (office and fence yard) or does he work out of a rental house and no stability. How long has your contractor been in business? Most fence contractors fail (go out of business) in the first 5 years. Check out the breakdowns for the different fences below for what you need to know before you purchase a backyard fence this year!

Vinyl Fence School 101

Windsor Vinyl Picket Maryville TennesseeKnoxville Vinyl and Aluminum FencingBuy direct from the factory! We own the factory and will make almost any style that you can find on the internet. We have been MAKING VINYL FENCING for over 16 years right here in Knoxville, Tennessee and have plenty of experience creating and professionally installing vinyl fencing gates and arbors for residential yards!  Vinyl Fence School 101 for all the facts...Costs, Colors, Warranty, comparisons


Aluminum Fence School 101

English Gardens Aluminum Fence Knoxville TennesseeFactory Direct Distributors for aluminum fencing and gates. Sloped gates, specialty sizes, steep slopes, not a problem! What specs do you need for your objectives?  Normal picket spacing is 4", we also have 3" spacing option for smaller pets, and even a 1-1/2" picket spacing for really small pets, and also a puppy rail style aluminum fencing. Ask us for a free quote on your maintenance free aluminum fencing. Before you contract your backyard fence check out Aluminum Fence School 101 for all the information you need to make a smart sound decision with your money!

Natural Wood Fence School 101

Natural Wood Fencing Knoxville TennesseeWhat is the BEST LUMBER for FENCING in EAST TENNESSEE? Climate, clay soil, insects (termites) all play a role in the best fence lumber to last in East Tennessee. What size fence do you need for your FENCE OBJECTIVES? Picket fencing - 3' or 4' or 5' high? Privacy fencing, shadowbox fencing, board on board privacy, custom wood fencing? HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? CEDAR VS PINE FENCING? What lasts the longest in East Tennessee. What to expect with Natural Wood Fencing.  Check out Natural Wood Fence School 101 to make great sound investment in your backyard.



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Maryville Tn Vinyl fence 5 star checklist

Free Consumer Guide to Backyard Fencing


Hello! I am David Bryant, owner Bryant Fence Company located in East Tennessee. With over 32 years (started in 1981) actual experience selling and installing residential backyard fencing, I have put together this FREE EBOOK, an educational fence buying guide for homeowners.

So, you are purchasing a new backyard fence or installing it yourself. Where do you begin looking for answers to your questions? AND maybe you don’t know some really important questions you SHOULD be asking on the front end before you purchase a fence.

Read this Free Ebook before you spend your money on a new backyard […]

Knoxville Wood Fencing Knoxville Maryville

Knoxville Wood Fencing Knoxville Maryville 
 Knoxville Wood Fencing – Low Cost Solution

So, you are in the market to replace a worn out cedar fence or need a new natural wood picket fence for children or pets. Looking for information to make a smart decision? GREAT! We made this site just for you!  The most educational residential fencing site on the web. Here you will find the truth about residential fencing, products that don’t work and why, products that work, and the pros and cons of residential fencing.


Knoxville Wood Fencing – Panels vs Custom Built: Comparison
YES! We build our Knoxville Wood […]

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Vinyl Fence Pricing | Welcome to the Most Educational Fencing Blog!

Vinyl Fence Pricing
Welcome to our web site! We strive to be the most educational backyard fence site on the web.  By becoming a well informed consumer you will be able to make sound decisions for your backyard fencing solutions.  In the process, we hope to earn your trust and possibly your business. On this page you will see where we have broken down the fencing solutions into a 10 year span to show you the TRUE COST of backyard fencing.  Check it out, a real eye opener!

Wood Fence vs. Vinyl Fence: Do They Cost the SAME?












OF COURSE NOT! Vinyl Fencing […]

Fence Scams Top 10 for 2012 Knoxville, Tn

Education of Fence Scams – Recognizing the Fence Scams
Let’s take a few minutes to educate you in fence scams. The purpose in these series of articles is to inform and educate you so that you can make good informed decisions saving you time money and heartache.  By being an educated consumer you will be able to make clear well informed decision about pricing, quality, and service. 
The local TV station reported this week of another homeowner fence scam! The “fence contractor” was not licensed, had no insurance, no business office! When I go shopping for a large ticket […]

KNOCK OFF Cedar Fence OUT Treated Pine In!


Knoxville, Tn – local fencing companies are replacing a multitude of “KNOCK OFF CEDAR” fences that were installed between 6 to 10 years ago! These cedar fence panels rot out quickly usually in 4-5 years and finally fall down between 6- 10 years! The replacement fencing if wood will be treated pine fencing, or homeowners may upgrade to vinyl or aluminum with lifetime warranties. What happens to all that termite infested cedar fencing…landfills!!!

“KNOCK OFF CEDAR FENCE”  is a light weight northern cedar of light color. […]

Wood Fence vs Vinyl Fence Comparison

Hey everybody, let's talk about backyard privacy fencing and what it costs! First of all you will probably only move homes 2 or 3 times in your lifetime and chances are you may purchase a home that is already fenced in.  But for those of you purchasing a fence there are some important questions to consider.

 Questions like: how long do you plan to live here...starter home (1 - 5 years), family home (10 - 25 years) or condo or rancher.

Now, think about short term budget and long term budget. Natural wood fencing is less expensive on the front, but long term (10 plus years) vinyl fencing is the hands down winner! 

What's the purpose? Children, pets, privacy, swimming pool, boundary fence, aesthetics...

Are you going to maintain your home value by maintaining your fence? A beautiful well maintained fence reflects on you and showcases your home, while a discolored fence in need of staining and repairs will negatively affect your homes value!  How much time, energy, and money are you willing to invest every year on fence maintenance? 

Truth about Natural Wood Fencing in the TERMITE BELT

Here is the TRUTH about Natural Wood Fencing in the TERMITE BELT! Subterranean termites are natural clean up crews for dead and decaying cellulose fibers (wood…your fence next to your home!). Check out this video on 6 year old cedar fencing ( a common problem in the TERMITE BELT) that is suppose to be resistant to termites.


Wood Fence vs. Vinyl Fence: Do They Cost the SAME?  OF COURSE NOT! Vinyl Fencing costs much less than a well maintained natural wood fencing in about 5 years! Want to enjoy the beauty of your new fence without the maintenance of staining? Do you want to keep your investment in the fencing low by have a high ROI (return on investment - 65% vs 10%)? Check out the article and video below for an eye opener on how much does that fence really costs.


How much does it COST TODAY?

How much is my YEARLY COST?

How much is it WORTH when I sell my home?

Will it ADD VALUE to my home when it's time to sell? Or cost me thousands?

What about a warranty on my fence?

These are great questions we hear every day. We address these questions in the article below.


House For SaleHome Depot BEHR fence stainDo you have to maintain your wood fence?  NO! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAINTAIN YOUR NEW NATURAL WOOD FENCE!  Neither do you have to cut the grass, change air filters in your home, paint the trim, but without regular maintenance the value of your HOME and your fence will drop!  Why lose thousands on your homes net value with a tacky greyed out fence in need of repair?

Imagine this… find an old greyed out wobbly wood cedar privacy fence in your subdivision and picture that fence at your house. Now picture that same old fence cleaned and stained and bad boards replaced. Which fence will have the best curb appeal? Which fence will bring a better resale value? Which fence feels better when you pull into your driveway?





Fence School 101 Natural Wood Fence Vinyl Fence School 101 Knoxville TennesseeNot sure where to start on your backyard fencing journey? Check out these FREE RESOURCES in FENCE SCHOOL 101.

Whether you prefer the warmth of natural wood fencing or the maintenance free lifestyle of vinyl fencing, these FENCE SCHOOL 101 will educate you on backyard fencing!

Learn about fence materials, fence costs, expected lifespans, return on investments, free online Tennessee property surveys, and dealing with Homeowners Associations (HOA).



Now let’s look at the YEARLY MAINTENANCE COSTS for these fences. After all, if you have a well maintained home, landscaped and nice lawn then you will want the fence to be attractive, complementary, and maintained as well!

Cedar vs Vinyl 10 year cost comp

 pizza boxA natural wood fence looks so nice and fresh when first installed, now give yourself six months and let’s start spending some more of your money to keep it looking that way.  We raised 4 children, and with all those mouths to feed I equated savings to pizzas, LOL. So if I did not have to spend $875 and two days of my time to stain a fence that would equal a lot of pizza’s!  How much time and how many pizzas do you want to spend maintaining your cedar fence?


Remember, it’s either your labor and time away from the family or golf or lake or you are paying someone else to do the work … plus materials.

Figure on staining the cedar fence inside and outside twice the first time (initial staining about $1,200.00 including labor). Then again about every two years for touch up with only one coat (add about $600.00 including labor…years 4,6,8,10).

 Cedar fence is only naturally resistant to insects (means NO WARRANTY FOR TERMITES!). In East Tennessee we live in the TERMITE BELT so check with the your regular home pest control company for the increased cost of treating your wood fence for termite protection!  Add another $200 per year to your home pest control policy to protect your fence. Don't believe me? Check out this video: termite infested cedar fence post less than 6 years old in the TERMITE BELT.

Termites in the cedar fence can easily transition to your home! Boards should be checked yearly and replaced as needed for damage from rot, termites, carpenter bees, water damage, etc. Check out our video on cedar fencing life (6 years plus) and termites and water damage in the TERMITE BELT. Why is natural wood fencing pre-treated and warranted for 10 years against structural damage from termites so popular in the Southern States? Check out the video above for natural cedar wood fencing that is naturally resistant to insects, and has NOT BEEN TREATED FOR TERMITES!



AMERICAN CLASSIC VINYL PRIVACY ADOBEFirst let’s look at initial costs for a natural wood cedar privacy fence vs a premium vinyl privacy fence.  With so many options available on these fences I have given a range for the cost of the installed fence by a professional company fully insured.

Wood  Cedar Privacy Fence $16-$24 per foot ,  Premium Vinyl Privacy Fence $28 – $36 per foot

Advantage : Wood



65This is the one point that most people miss when considering fencing options for their home… residual value.  What I mean by this is what is that investment worth after 5 years, even 10 years after purchase.  After all the costs of staining, replacement parts, time and money, how much did that fence actually cost you?

When looking at the high cost of maintaining a wood cedar privacy fence you also need to consider the lost time you have in doing your own maintenance, what you could have been doing instead of working on the fence.

I have charted out the costs associated with both of these fences and when considering a well maintained natural wood cedar fence after 10 years the residual value is less than 30%.   Don’t believe me? Go out in the subdivisions and check out 10 year old wood cedar fences. How much do they add to the value of a home?

Assuming an initial cost of $4,050 and 10 years of maintenance costs of $5,600 with a total cost of ownership $9,650 and a fence that probably needs to be torn down and replaced.  Total cost of ownership for 10 years ($4050 + $5,600 = $9,650).  So, $9,650 less residual of 30% of original fence cost ($4050) is $1,215  maybe on  a good day for a net cost ($9,650 - $1,215 = $8,435  total 10 year cost of ownership).  This is a yearly cost of about $843 a year!  More than $70 per month! So that great deal on a natural wood fence costs you about triple that of a Premium Vinyl Privacy fence in ten years with nothing left to show for your investment!

Let's say you have good intentions of maintaining your natural cedar fence but never get around to it. What does that end up costing you?  Ok, calculate that you will need to do some work on the fence to dress it up so that it does not affect your homes value. Replacing posts, bad pickets, a nice quick stain will add from $500 to $1500. Call it $1000 and add it to the formula.   Original value + maintenance costs - residual value $4050 + $1000 - $405 = $4645 10 year cost or $464.50 a year less than $40 a month.

Comparing that to a premium vinyl privacy fence with initial investment cost of $6,750 and zero additional maintenance cost for a net total cost of ownership of $6,750, slightly more cost than the well maintained cedar fence. Now calculate the residual value of the vinyl fence after 10 years ($6750 x 65% = $4,387.50 ) .  That's your residual value what's left, but what did the Premium Vinyl Privacy Fence actually cost you for those 10 years? Original value + maintenance costs - residual value.  ($6,750 + Zero maintenance costs less residual value $4,387.50 = $2,362.50.

So your 10 year cost of ownership of Premium Vinyl Privacy Fencing is $2,362.50 for 10 years or $236.25 a year or less than $20 per month. 



Now compare the residualfence  value for an eye opening value!  10 year old  cedar fence value at 30%  (that means it's time to remove that old fence) is only $405 versus the premium vinyl fence and a whopping 65% residual value or $4,387.50

Now let's take the original cost of the natural cedar fencing for 10 years of  a WELL MAINTAINED CEDAR FENCE  less the residual value ( $4,050 - $1,250 = $2,800 ).  That's your 10 year cost for the cedar fencing, but wait! Add in the maintenance cost over 10 years $2,800 + $5,600 = $8,400 or a yearly cost of $840. That's over 3 times the cost of a premium vinyl fence!

Cedar vs Vinyl chart no maintenanceOK! Let's say you purchase your natural cedar fence, enjoy the natural look and decide not to stain the cedar fence or do any maintenance whatsoever. How does that affect the formula? Lets see…
Cedar fencing drops to 10% residual value without any maintenance, and may even reduce your homes curb appeal by thousands of dollars. So even if you have great intentions of maintaining your natural cedar fence and just don't get around to it the net effect after 10 years is ($4050 - $405 = $3645 ) costing you $3,645 or $364.50 a year for a wore out natural wood fence. More than likely you will have to do some maintenance on this fence, materials, labor, staining, and gate repair before selling your home. Without fixing up the old cedar fence the curb appeal affect may cost you thousands on selling your home.


So by taking the original cost of Premium Vinyl Privacy Fencing for 10 years less the residual value ($6,750 - $4,387.50 = $2,362.50 ) your cost of ownership for 10 years is actually only $2,362.50 or less than $240 a year! Or less than $20 a month…less than a coke a day.

One last thought to leave you with… what if everything you bought from today on for the next 10 years could return you 65% of original value, how much further would your dollar take you?  


Premium Vinyl Fencing 

requires no maintenance,  

warranted against turning yellow (Titanium Oxide)

vinyl is non porous and impervious to insects

since it has a lifetime warranty it is considered green fencing (lasts 6 times the life of wood, keeps materials out of landfills, can be recycled, uses less energy when considered only install once).

Advantage: Vinyl fence

So there you have it, a premium vinyl privacy fence will actually cost you less money in the long run, has a tremendous residual value, and best of all you do not have to do any painting, sanding or termite treatments.


Well maintained natural cedar fencing will cost about $70 month,

Natural cedar fencing with no maintenance applied about $40 a month, and



Do you like what you have seen so far?  Check out our FREE CONSUMER GUIDE TO BACKYARD FENCING  for an education on backyard fencing, fence cost, fence materials…lots of differences, fencing scams, finding a quality contractor, how to get a discount on your fencing and more!

MORE FREE STUFF! Like BAD CONTRACTOR CHEAT SHEET - printable PDF file, and TOP 10 FENCE SCAMS 2013(what fence contractors do not want you to know about). 

Popular questions are answered in the FENCE SCHOOL 101! How much does it really cost? Fencing materials differences, acceptable installation techniques, financing your fence, how to get a discount on your fence, and more!


Fence Discount – Vinyl or Aluminum Fence!

Fence Discount – How Do I Get One?
Great question perfect for the BLOG! Everyone wants to know how they can get a fence discount!  There are a couple of ways for you to get a fence discount so let’s list them now.

First we need to consider why are we going to set a fence discount in the first place? Overstock and moving out excess  inventory, scratch and dent sell to move inventory, obsolete materials, and job site overruns are great business reason for a fence discount.


Mistakes – Fence Discount
Yes we do make mistakes in ordering from time to time (usually me) and we […]

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Here is a popular question I pose to homeowners when I am doing in home appointments.  If you could have a maintenance free vinyl picket fence, with a lifetime materials warranty, and a 5 years gate labor warranty for about the same cost as a western red cedar picket fence…which one would you choose?  If you will sell your home in 10 years, which fence will have the best first impression, the best return on your investment?


Now that is an easy answer, most homeowners want the […]


First let’s start with the natural wood fence.  Why use the term natural wood? I want to make sure that you understand a “natural product” such as a wood picket fence will have flaws and defects. These flaws and defects are considered by some homeowners as the character and warmth of the fence. Just to […]

WOOD VS VINYL FENCING an Honest Comparison

Wood fence vs. Vinyl fence what does it cost? Which is the best choice for you? This is a very popular question we hear every week, so with this much interest I thought it would make a great blog article.

If you are like most of our customers, you may purchase and move to a home 3 – 5 times over the course of your life. When you get to that new home, you may need a fence!

We strive to be the most educational fence site to give you an edge when considering purchasing a fence, […]